Monday, July 30, 2018

T Stands for Trading ATCs

                    Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Happy Tuesday to the T Gang!  I was so happy to receive in today's mail an ATC from my partner Kate!   So fun to do this, however, I got the better end of the stick because it was only the third ATC I had ever made! LOL  Here is the lovely multi-layered ATC Kate sent.

Uncle Lee's Tea was the title.

I wanted to show a closeup of Kate's wonderful detail, but I am not the greatest photographer!
Thank you so much Kate for my lovely ATC!  I am a little bit proud of it as you can tell!

That was my happy mail today!  I am smiling!  I guess I could stop there because that would cover my drink related post for T Stands for Tuesday over at  Bleubeard & Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover, but I won't!

I wanted to show you that I do use my  delicate tea set  I showed you last week. We have a tradition of tea parties for the grandkids and the adults around here.  In the following photos, we celebrated our granddaughter's birthday several years ago with a birthday tea with the very set I showed you last week.

  The girls & the boys had tea!
Lovely birthday cupcakes!

I do use the tea set!    Have a happy Tea Day, and thanks for stopping by.  And thank you all for all your lovely comments last week!  How fun!  Thank you, again , Elizabeth for hosting our fun Tea Party every week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #477 & Using Stash

                                         Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Good morning WOYWW Deskers! Good morning to all other visitors.  Welcome to my blog.   I am actually going to post on Wednesday this week! Sorry about being late last week.  The week does go so quickly!  Nothing too exciting on my desk this week.  I almost cleaned my desk off after I made a card, and stopped myself.  So, you will see what it looks like, at least one area, after I have crafted.

This photo is not taken from a drone, but from me stretching my arms over my head.  LOL  I do not stand on my stool any longer.  Learned my lesson about that!  You can see enamel dots, my bottle of water, my camera case, a container of adhesives, a corner punch, and an  oval scrap I didn't use on my card.  The card sitting there, I made using a 15 year old CTMH stamp set that had never been used!  Why do I buy stamps and not use them, or for that matter paper, markers, and oh, so many other items?  Do you do this?  I do know I totally enjoy this crafting hobby!  Do you?

Short and sweet, this week! Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my desk.  Please stop over at Julia's Stamping Ground and check out the other deskers!  It is a fun blog hop!  Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 23, 2018

T Stands for Tea Set!

                                           Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Hello to the T-Gang from Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday over at  Altered Book Lover as well as everyone else.  I have been cleaning house today, so it is nice to sit down and make this post. Warning:  This is a photo heavy post!

 I have been posting and making a inventory of my tea collections on the T Stands for Tuesday posts.  I am keeping this set.   I bought it about 20 years ago at a garage sale for $20.00 and it also came with a tea cozy.  But somehow I don't know where that is.  It is possible it could still be in an box I haven't unpacked yet.  Yes, there are still some of those!

 I turned the back cups around so you could see what is on the back of all the pieces. 

I thought I would share with you some photos from our Alaskan cruise in 2014. We made a stop in the lovely  Victoria, BC Canada,  where we toured The  Butchart Gardens. I took so many photos of the gardens, a lot of them didn't make them into my album so will post them!





Weird, but these were sculped from greenery, and they are having a tea party! Elephants?

I took about a dozen photos from different views of this!

Although we did not got in for the famous high tea, I took this photo.

This photo is off their website, just to show you what their high tea would look like.  Should have gone!

Capitol Building as Victoria is the capitol of British Columbia.

I took this as we sailed out.

Another shot as we sailed out.

Our sunset that evening!  I have about 50 shots of this sunset!

And finally my drink for Elizabeth.  Do blizzards count?  Hubby had a coupon that if he bought a medium or large blizzard, he could get a small free!  Yay!  That was for me.

I hope you enjoyed my photos.  Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great T-Day! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

WOYWW # 476 (a day late)

                     Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

I'm,  I'm  late for a very important date!  So sorry!   I took my photo and got ready to join Julia over at Stamping Ground for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, and then forgot to do my post!
This will be real short today.  I will just show you what I did last week-end!  We had VSN and are still having VSN over at SplitcoastStampers.  There were 17 challenges and I was hostess for one on them. I did complete 15 of the challenges and the photo is showing the results.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope to stop by and see you.  I always enjoy seeing what you are doing.  Have a great week!

Monday, July 16, 2018

5th Anniversary for T Stands for Tuesday

                                                 Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

It is time for the big Tea Party over at Altered Book Lover  as Bleubeard and Elizabeth celebrate five years of "T Stands for Tuesday"!  Now I have only been visiting for a couple of months, but have really enjoyed the tea parties each Tuesday.  

I am not only celebrating by participating in an ATC swap but also by returning to my original idea of posting my teapots!  Before I moved I was doing that, but then life got very busy.  I have given many away and some have been packed    Well here are some I have unpacked.  You might think I have overdone it, but here are the just the teapots I have in my set of dishes.  Not one but three!  

Ok, and the funny thing is I heat the water in my electric pot and pour it directly over the teabag in my cup! :)

 I probably over did it on tea stamp sets, too, as you see below!  I tend to go overboard!

Same thing with tea themed paper, but couldn't find it to take a photo of it!  But here is a card that I made with some great Kaiser Craft from a tea themed paper pad. Oh, and do you notice I even have a teapot punch?  I even have a teapot die!  

Happy 5th Birthday T Stands for Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by for tea.  A special shout out to my dear friend Linda who peeks in sometime.  I am thankful for you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WOYWW #475 & New Media Mat

                   Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Good morning, WOYWW deskers!  Don't know what a "desker" is?  Check out all the deskers over at Julia's Stamping Ground.  Every Wednesday she hosts a world wide blog hop of crafters showing their desks.  We show what is on our desks, and what we are doing and do a lot of enabling, but mostly we get to know each other.  Fun!  So let the fun begin! :)

I just had to show my new TH Glass Media Mat.  I had built up some credit at a scrapbook store, where they host a craft garage sale, but instead of you getting cash for what you sell, you get credit, because they do all the work!  It was like free!  :)  I got rid of stuff and got a mat to boot!  So, after watching several You Tube videos about this mat, I used my credit to get one.  I love it!  It is going to be perfect for scrapbooking, besides the mixed media techniques. I am getting ready to mail out some birthday cards so had to cover them up.  I still have to stamp the inside sentiments.  Also, there is a some leftover oxide backgrounds, (which I did on my new mat.) I was playing with a friend's dies, and have been looking at my new catalogue.

That little green corner die is one I bought at the Expo for $5.00.  It has tabs on the back and can be like a pocket on scrap pages.  Isn't it pretty?  I was thinking of adding it to that oxide background and putting it on a card.

So that is what my desk looks like this morning.  I am looking forward to seeing what is on your desks.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!

Monday, July 9, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday Over at Elizabeth's

                    Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

It  is time to celebrate Tuesday again over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover.  But next week is the real celebration!  A 5th anniversary celebration!  We are doing an ATC swap, and I am ready and have mine made!  It is only the third ATC swap I have ever done, so pardon me if I am excited about next week!

Ok, down to business, I have today's post to do and the T gang are waiting!  Besides making the
ATC today, I also made a couple of Christmas cards and a birthday card.  But before all that crafting, I went for a walk at 7:30 this morning before it got too hot. It is fun to walk in my new neighborhood.  Besides an asphalt bike path, I have discovered at rail trail ; an old railroad that has been made into a bike/walking path.  So, I have some options!  I wear a pedometer and keep track of miles and log them on Walking4Fun.  You can see it on my sidebar.  I am walking the Colorado Trail virtually right now.

The asphalt path

Intersection with the rail trail

I could go this way

Or I could go this way

My drink related post for Elizabeth.

This morning I walked on the asphalt path until I came to the rail trail, then I walked it.  I walked three miles today for an hour and I drank this liter of water after I got home!
Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget about the party next week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

WOYWW 474 New Stash!

                                 Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Hello fellow WOYWW deskers!  Can you believe it is time to show our desks again?  If you do not know what I am talking about, check out Julia's Stamping Ground.  

I decided I would just spread out all my new stash from the Scrapbook Expo I attended this last weekend! Some of it was from the classes I took, and some was what I purchased! :)  If you want to see photos of my trip, look at my previous post.

I received a free stamp ad made three 3-D Christmas cards in my Heartfelt class.  I found three 6x6 pads for $5.00 at one booth.  Lots of neat goodies!
Short and simple!

Happy Independence Day to my American deskers!  Celebrate, but stay safe!

Thanks for stopping by!  If I missed you last week, it is because I left town almost immediately after posting.  I will try to see you all this week!  Happy WOYWW!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Tuesday Stands for Traveling Out of Town

                 Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Hello all!  Welcome to my blog! :)  Elizabeth and several of the other T-gang seem to really have some nice photos of neat excursions.  Finally, I have some to share! :)  This last weekend I got to go to the  Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO.  What fun!  Several of us helped our Fun Stampers Journey coach with her booth at the show.  We helped with the make and takes, of which hundreds were made!  And I even managed to take some classes!

Had to get my nails done to go!

Our booth

Everyone loved our make & Take.
At night they had the Mega Scrap & we sit up our table there for them to come make cards for our service men & women.

Our display.  We made a lot of cards for the service men & women. Our coach provided all the cardstock, ink, stamps and designs, the people who came and made them brought their own adhesive and scissors, and their time. A work of love for our service people.

Our view from the hotel (the airport!)  We would leave the hotel around 8 each morning and usually not get back from the Expo until after 11.!  So this was our view on the Sunday morning before we left.

Me in a scrapbook class.

I made these three Heartfelt cards in one of my classes.  They are 3-D cards with acetate windows and the scene is on the inside panel.
Our reward to ourselves for all our hard work.
We ate in the domed part, just beautiful.

And finally our drinks for T Stands for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover. Mine is the lemon water.

Thank you for stopping by.  I wish those in U.S A. Happy 4th of July!