Monday, July 29, 2019

T Stands for Trading ATCs

"He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber." Ps 121:3  ESV
(2nd memory verse for our Revive Our Hearts Esther Bible Study)

Trading ATCs was so fun!  That is how we celebrated TSFT's 6th anniversary for those who don't know.   Our hostess for TSFT is Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover.  Elizabeth I think the photos of our ATCs meet the requirement for my drink related post.

I got mine this week from Lesca!  I can't wait to show you this fabulous ATC with it's own envelope decorated , also!   I love the papers she used.  Coffee and Cake for T day! I tried photographing with both my camera and iPad, but couldn't get the true colors, which are teals in the cups and panel behind the cups, and the gems sparkle more IRL, too.  Maybe she will have better photo of it on her blog.
Isn't it wonderful?  Every little detail on it.

She also sent me goodies!  I love the arrows, and picture using them on scrapbook pages!  And she even sent me a die.  Thank you Lisca, so much!  You are amazing!

  Isn't that llama adorable, and I even like the pink envelope that the ATC was in.

Next, I will show you the ATC that I sent to Eileen.  I have only done a few ATCs before.  This is not as elaborate as the one I received. :)  I used TH spray inks on watercolor paper, then stamped the Irsh Blessing on it with TH distress ink.  I die cut the tea cup and put on here, and stamped "6th" on, and added the tag.  Also, I flicked some gold FSJ silk on, and added a teabag charm.  

Do you want to see some more Colorado photos?

Here are some of the path that I walked around Lake Estes, Colorado.  It is 4 miles around, but I didn't go all the way.  I just went a ways both directons from where we parked.  I walked 3 miles.  Hubby walked some with me and then waited on a bench.  I took a photo with the zoom on of him when I got to the other side.  I wasn't even sure it was him until I got home and looked at it on my computer.  It was him.

Beautiful view walking around the lake.

It looks like a street, but this is the walking/bicycle path.

That is the Stanley Hotel, that I could see, but with the zoom on.  The historic  Stanley Hotel  is what  inspired Stephen King's   "The Shining" and then a movie with Jack Nicholson.  The movie wasn't filmed there though.

There were several of these signs, along the way.  Watch out for elk!

Isn't this a beautiful place to walk?

Lovely walk!  I miss Colorado! At home we are already back to mid to high 90s.   I went walking today, and as it rained last night, it was humid and buggy this morning at 7.
Thank you all for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a lovely week!  Oh, and thank you all for your comments, and advice about my photos, and files etc. last week.  I do save them in a certain folder when it asks.  July goes into July.  I still don't know why my camera asks me the date every time.  It didn't do that before.  And for some reason if I skip that step, no matter how I save it, it puts it in a file in 1980!  But now I at least know where to look! LOL
Happy T Day to the T gang!

Monday, July 22, 2019

T Stands For Trip Photos

"The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord:  he turns it wherever he will Proverbs 21:1" ( Our memory verse for  our  Revive Our Hearts Esther Bible Study.)

It is time for TSFT again!  Warning:  Photo heavy post!  I have trip photos for you today, but I think I will string them out over a few posts.  We just got back from Colorado.  In fact last week's post was scheduled because I wasn't here.  And it worked!  I just couldn't comment on the T Gang's posts until I got back.  So, that is why they were late.

But first, I have a journal page to submit for Art Journal Journey.  Their theme this month is We're All/Going.  So, my page goes with my photos this post.

We're All Going Hiking/walking:

At some point this is what my page looked like and what I used. But I kept adding stuff, and the only reason I stopped adding was because it is time to post!  I stamped the trees from 'rubbernecker stamps  I added some sentiments , too.  I am not good at listing products used, because I just start playing and play with everything, and no telling what ends up on the page!  I am not a planner.  My husband is, but he doesn't craft. 

 We went to Colorado to cool off!  At the bottom of the mountain in Lyons it was 92, by the time we got up to Estes Park, it was 68!  Heavenly!  Below are photos of deer going through in front of our cabin the next morning.  We have been going to Estes Park and staying at these same cabins for 50 years, this month.

I did remember to take a photo of our lunch in Estes the second day.  Yummy!
For TSFT over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover, you can barely see our water in our Pepsi glasses.  This is one of our favorite places to eat at in Estes.  A little ways away from the tourists track.  A lot of locals eat here.

We  love Colorado, and enjoy even walking around downtown Estes.  Our cabin is above Estes, and is actually in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was there before the park took in that area, so it was grandfathered in.  

This path goes from the cabin right into RMNP.  I didn't walk that far this time, but have in the past.

This morning walk is  a lot more enjoyable than at home!

I never get tired of this scenery!

Here is the actual Trail Head for Beaver Meadows in Moraine Park in RMNP

8 years ago, last time I hiked up here.

Above is Eagle Cliff.  We used to climb that every year.  The last time I climbed it, was 8 years ago at age 65 by myself!
Beautiful view from up there.   Here is that beautiful view!

 And the view without me in it!

Anyway, I would be afraid to climb it by myself now, and hubby is not a hiker.

Looking back towards Estes from the path. (zoomed in )

Ok, I am not electronically smart.  Two things, I can't put these photos in order on my blog, and they are not in order in my laptop either, because my camera is acting up.  It all of a sudden wants me to set the date every time I take a photo.  If I say skip it, it then puts it in my laptop in a strange place and I have to go find them!  I am thinking that I need a new camera and laptop or a new me! LOL

Have a happy Day everyone and to the Tea Gang, Happy T Day!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Happy 6th Anniversary/Birthday to TSFT

Can you hear me singing?  I hope not!  We are celebrating Bleubeard & Elizabeth's 6th year of doing T Stands For Tuesday!  I have had such fun since I started linking over to Altered Book Lover  to celebrate T Day!  I have gotten to know so many bloggers from all over the world!  If you ever want to join in our T Days, just post to your blog a drink related post, and then link up on her blog.  Elizabeth has been so gracious to hostess us each week!  Thank you,  Elizabeth & Bleubeard of course, too!  Some of us will even swap ATCs this week to celebrate!

So,  here is my drink related post.  I am sitting here doing this post drinking my Twinings Lady Grey!  The reason it is sitting on my Big Shot is because I have been going through my stash of cards looking for one to send a friend.

The reason I wasn't here last week, was because I was busy hosting our Virtual Scrapbook Challenges on SplitcoastStampers,  and also participating in the Virtual Stamp Night for cards. I posted 6 scrap challenges, and also did  16 card  challenges!  I have a photo for you for all the cards and a rock, and separate ones I already put in the mail.
I was using them almost faster than I was making them! LOL

One challenge was to paint a rock!  LOL  Another was a slider card. ( the one with the fairy on the robin)  I used alcohol ink backgrounds I had made one day when playing, on several of the cards.  On the snail mail card, we used a Fossilized Rock Technique.  I will have to demonstrate that on one of my future posts!

This was a sketch challenge.  

I hope you enjoyed looking at these cards.  I really had fun doing the card  challenges!  Our theme was Rock Star.

My scrapbook challenges had a theme of Scrap Fireworks.  We just got our inspiration from different scenarios surrounding 4th of July.  I gave them a color challenge for red, white & blue, for example
You can play these challenges for the whole month of July if you are a scrapper. Just click on the link above.

Lastly a few photos of my walk I take every morning.  Not along the Rhine, or a lake even!  And bad photos too, as I am having problems with my camera, or the operator!  The best photos were the ones my camera wouldn't take! LOL  First the batteries weren't working, but I jiggled it.  Then my memory card was full!  LOL

a cemetery

the funeral home of the cemetery

The path no longer overlooks the cemetery here.  The path is actually an up and down, and curvy.  So not only do I get my steps, I get some exercise, too.

Sometimes, I actually go over and walk in the cemetery; it is so pretty and peaceful.

That is my post for our Celebration Tea Party!  I am scheduling this, so hope it works!
Thanks for stopping by!  I will probably be late! But I hope I remember to link this after it posts, and to put my asterisk by my name!  I do want to exchange ATCs.
Have a great week!

Monday, July 1, 2019

T Stands Another Technique

"The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord:  he turns it wherever he will Proverbs 21:1" ( Our memory verse for  our  Revive Our Hearts Esther Bible Study.)

Hello to my dear Blog Readers.  I have been playing with alcohol inks!  We had a challenge on SplitcoastStampers to make a card with an alcohol ink background.  I got very messy!  I only have a few bottles of the ink, but love the colors I do have.  I put it on some yupa like paper; it is a synthetic paper.  When you put the inks on it and add the alcohol blending solution, it really spreads. I also use a Tim Holtz blending tool to move the ink around, or you can even blow threw a straw.
On the first one, I had already cut, so had to lay back down together to get a photo.  You can see that I even played with my alcohol lift ink.  You ink up a stamp (dragonfly) with the alcohol lift ink then stamp it on the alcohol inked panel, and it lifts off the ink and you have a dragonfly.  Love this technique!
Here are the two sheets I did :

I made the card below out of one of the turquoise panels.  I die cut the sentiment out of silver cs and the 13th are rub ons.  I also added a punched flower.
This was for a semi local scrapbook store celebrating being in business 13 years.  By semi local, I mean it isn't very far from me, but it is in another little town near here.

We are also celebrating TSFT (T Stands For Tuesday) over at Bleubeard & Elizabeth's over at Altered Book Lover.  We just include a drink related item in our posts and we link our blog post over there.  Then we all have a giant international tea party with Elizabeth as our hostess!

We had a coupon for buy two dips of ice cream and get another two dips free at our local BR baskin robbins.  So, of course hubby and I went for ice cream this week, as we love ice cream.  We both got dips of the Gold Medal Ribbon flavor, which had chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.  It was recommended by the clerk.  Then he got a  peanut butter chocolate flavor which I would usually get, but  got the  Upside Down Praline instead!  They have so many flavors to choose from!  So good!

 As we didn't even have our usual lemon water, I took a photo of their drink machine as we left for Elizabeth!  Hope that counts! :)

Thank you all for stopping by!  Happy T Day to the T Gang!  Have a great week, everyone!
Happy 4th of July to all my USA friends!