Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Scrap Retreat & WOYWW # 472 & T Stands for Tuesday

Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Hello fellow bloggers!  I really have gotten out of the habit of posting to my blog.  But I miss all of you!  I meant to post last week, but I wasn't feeling very well.   I had been to a scrapbooking retreat that week-end and came back with lots of finished pages, but also with a terrible cold and cough.   I feel better tonight, but now hubby has it!  For What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday over at Stamping Ground hosted by Julia I will show you a photo of 21 of 23 pages I finished.  Pretty proud of that number.  I have never done that many pages in such a short time before!  

We had our retreat at a wonderful historical three story home.  So, I took the photo of my finished pages on the great staircase.
Also, before I went to the scrapbook retreat my husband and I went out to eat at one of our favorite places, so will post a photo of that for the T gang at T Stands for Tuesday over at Altered Book Lover.

We love the rolls with special butter, peanuts, salad, and ice water with lemon over at Texas Roadhouse!  Who needs the dinner? LOL

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  I wanted to tell you I found out after my last post that I have not been getting the emails when someone posts, and I have to review them to publish them. For some reason, I got into my blog account and found all of the unpublished comments.   So, I am apologizing if I didn't get back with you.  I now am aware of the problem and will check my blog account.  Thank you for understanding. 
Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & WOYWW 9th Anniversary

Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Since moving about 20 miles across town, I have been out of commission for a few months!  I mean, there was the cleaning house, putting it up for sale, selling, packing, moving, unpacking and here we are!  No big deal, only 20 miles, right?  But it is like a whole new town, although only the other side of town! In this town, you are either a Westsider, or an Eastsider.  Well, now we are Eastsiders! :)
We are now discovering all new eateries, new places to shop, new places to get hair cuts, new places to  go to the doctor, etc.  And new craft room! LOL

So, I know different ones wanted to see what my craft room looked like after moving.  So here is my craft room before.
Every thing lined up on two walls.

 Now it is in a bedroom with 4 walls, very cozy! Things really are  more handy!  I added my desk, and because of that  lost one storage unit. But was able to utilize the closet.   Hubby, had everything worked out on graph paper where everything would go.  It was like a puzzle and I am pleased with it.  He is too!  Every once in a while I catch him looking in at it amazed that he got it all in! 

Above is wall one, that you face when coming in the door.  Notice, I have a window and lots of light! Before, I was in a basement, no windows , always had to have lots of lights on!  Hubby wanted me on main floor, so on bad knee days I wouldn't have to go downstairs.
This is wall 2 , which is to the left of the door.

 This is the wall 3  on the wall where  closet door is
Wall 4, to the right of the door.  I was able to place a  unit on end and get more storage space.  More stamp sets and paper on those shelves.  

Everything else went into the closet.  I might add this bedroom had the smallest closet in the whole house!  But works well after taking out the rods!  
I haven't got everything figured out, but  eventually will.  But I am already enjoying my new space!

Above in a couple of photos is my standard cup of tea for T Stands for Tuesday over at Altered Book Lover,  Hello, T Gang!  Sorry I have been missing!

Below I am showing  my desk with my current project for WOYWW over at Julia's,  We are supposed to show our workdesks!  And it is WOYWW 9th Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to WOYWW!  I am sorry I have been too busy to take part in the ATC swap.  So check these two blogs out and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday? What happened to Wednesday ( WOYWW) & Tuesday (T Stands for Tuesday)?

First of all I apologize to Elizabeth and Julia for being way late!  I was thinking I was just late to Elizabeth', but after writing my post I realized I missed Wednesday, too!  We are in the middle of a downsizing move!  I am moving my 17'x10' craft room into a 12'x13' foot room, however with a regular sized closet also.   What a job it is to pack up a craft room!  It is more than all the other packing!  Well, almost!

So for WOYWW over at Julia's where we share our workspace, here is what mine looks like!

I plan on taking my stuff over like this rather than the movers.

Also, for T Stands for Tuesday over at Bleubeard And Elizabeth's here is my drink.  Forgive me for being late, but with packing I didn't even know it was Tuesday or Wednesday!  I have been drinking a lot of hot tea to keep me going! 

Thank you for stopping by!  I will sip my tea for a break and visit you!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Celebrating Tuesday & Wednesday!

Rejoice in the
Lord alway:
and again I say,
Phil 4:4

Good morning! It is Tuesday and did I ever get up early!  I couldn't sleep!  So, I will do a post and link to Bleubeard & Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday over at  Altered Book Lover.  And I apologize to Bleubeard as I have been misspelling his name!  So, let's get to it! :)  First, I did remember to take a photo of our drinks when we went out to eat and this is usually our beverage choice when we dine out.  Water with lemon.

And yes, another teapot!  This one was a gift and originally sat on a matching cup.  I don't know what happened to the cup.   I have used this more as a decoration in my bookcase, than for tea.

And a tea card I made several years ago.  I love this Lili of the Valley image!  And if that isn't what I look like in the mornings!  On my laptop in my nightgown with my tea! LOL  Well, my hair isn't that neat and I don't have earrings on yet.  Oh, and I am in my robe!  But do have my tea in one hand and typing with the other on my laptop!  The cardstock & Blueberry Crisp DSP is SU!  I used A-2 Spellbinder dies for the shapes. I colored with Copics and sponged around the image.


Happy WOYWW to all the deskers  over at Julia's!  I don't have a photo of my desk, but here is my latest project for my Stash Buster Challenge at SplitcoastStampers.

The challenge was to
1. Use a different paper other than just cs or pp on your LO- I used glitter paper for the snowflake.
2. use eyelets or brads-I used both.
3. Use a tool of choice- I used an eyelet setter and a Big Shot
4. Use a technique- I used a grid technique as well as layering and Mixed Medium

I followed a Grid lesson by Debbie Hodge from Get It Scrapped.  I had never done a lesson from anyone before, so it was fun.  So for my first try, I think I did pretty well.                            

I think this post is long enough!  Have a wonderful day.

Happy Tea Day to the T Gang!
Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

WOYWW and T Stands for Tuesday Again!

Rejoice in the
Lord alway:
and again I say,
Phil 4:4

Not doing much crafting lately!  So, this is what my desk looks like!  I am showing you my desk because I am linking up with WOYWW over at Stamping Ground.  And that is what we do is show our workspace.  We get to see desks from all over the world.

I almost missed the T Party!   We are supposed to feature a drink and hook up to our hosts, Bluebeard & Elizabeth over Altered Book Lover.  The T Gang should be proud of me as  for once I just happened to have my iPad when we went out tonight, so have a photo of our drinks!

We had the  Classic American Deal Meal
 which included a hamburger, fries, root beer & a mudslide.  Sorry we ate it all before I remembered to take a photo!  I should have photographed the d├ęcor, all 50s, like record covers from albums of Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Bobby Rydale, etc.
Another Teapot:

I really like this one, and had to show you both sides of it!  I think this one was a gift!  I think this one will be difficult to part with!

Pillow Top Technique for the background and a teapot die was used to create this teapot card.
Pillow Top Technique was from Gina K.

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday and hope you had a great T Stands for Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday, Tea, Teapots, and Tea Cards!

Rejoice in the
Lord alway:
and again I say,
Phil 4:4

Time again for T Stands for Tuesday over at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's Altered Book Lover where we are supposed to feature a beverage.  I never remember to take my iPad or camera when I go out to eat.  We went out to eat today at Texas Roadhouse.  Fabulous!  I had the single pork chop with the sweet potato and house salad, and hubby had a steak, mashed potatoes and house salad.  The fresh  rolls and honey butter were wonderful.  We had never been there and were happy with the meal, the service,  and cost.  Early bird was only $8.99, much cheaper than later; we were there shortly after they opened at three.   I brought half mine home.  I think because I filled up on the rolls and the peanuts! Oh, yes, did I mention the bucket of peanuts? So, since I didn't take a photo then, I came home a took a photo of my after dinner hot tea.

I took the photo in front of four cups I kept.  What is funny, is again I am drinking tea out of a mug!
It is even a new mug!  I went to a church Chicks, Chocolate and Chai event last week, and someone else was giving away cups.  There were a whole table of them, and we were to pick one for the night and then to take it home with us!

Next on the agenda is a teapot:

This is another teapot our former neighbor had found at an estate auction for me.  They had just bid on a box of teapots for me.  I tried to show more of the scene on the pot.

And some tea art:

I made this card coloring with Copics  an image from Lili of the Valley of UK.  Love their stamps!

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate T Stands for Tuesday.  Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, February 26, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & Teapots, too!

Rejoice in the
Lord alway:
and again I say,
Phil 4:4

Hello T Gang!  I am back with another Teapot!  If you have visited before, you know that I want to document my teapots, before I downsize my collection. So, here is another one.

A former neighbor bought this for me at an auction about 30 years ago.  Isn't it just too cute?
I made a paper craft teapot for a centerpiece from a Pinterest pattern for our Virtual Tea Party!

Virtual Tea Party in 2012
 A group of us on SplitcoastStampers website had a virtual tea party.  We took photos and posted in our chat forum.  We also sent each other little gifts we made.  It was really fun.  I didn't think of taking a photo of my little teabag pouch someone crocheted for me.  I carry it in my purse with a couple of teabags.  Pretty nice gift.  Sorry,  I can't remember the recipe, but it was pumpkin bread with raspberry cream cheese, or something like that.  That was a recipe off of  Pinterest, also.  The Virtual Tea Party was really fun.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual tea party. 

Must show you some tea art, also!

I recycled and stamped  on a teabag again for two challenges on SplitcoastStampers over the week-end. One challenge  was to recycle something on your card, and the other was to use something on your card that you might put in your compost.  Some would put coffee grounds on the pile,  but since I am a tea drinker, it would be tea grounds.  I used a 3-D Sizzix embossing folder.  I stamped with, wait for it, Tea Dye Distress ink!  I also did some distressing with it on the embossing folder.  I used a fancy tag die from Spellbinders, and added some Dazzles. The tea names and tea cups images are from Mrs. O'Leary's Artful Illusions.  The sentiment is from SU! Tea Shoppe. 

Thanks for stopping by for T Stands for Tuesday!  Hop over to Altered Book Lover see Elizabeth and Bluebeard who are our hosts for T Stands for Tuesday!  Have a wonderful week!