Monday, September 20, 2021

T Stands for Trouble

Overcome Power of Fear study: Mathew 10:31 "Fear ye not therefore, ya are of more value than many sparrows."

T does stand for trouble today, internet trouble.  Recently my laptop doesn't always let me online.  All other devices in our home have no trouble getting online, so our wireless is fine.  But several times a day my laptop tells me it can't connect.  I restart and  stand on my head, not really.  But I feel like I am trying all kinds of things, you know the drill , running the task manager, etc.  Then, I come in here right before bed, and now I can get online!  Go figure.  This is a great case for scheduling my blog ahead of time, but I am not much good at doing things ahead of time! 

I have been junk journaling again.  I made tags for a mini challenge in our challenge for Dear Julie Julie September Stashbuster Junk Journal Challenge.

The finished products, bases with 6 added items.

I began with 6 patchwork shapes I had made previously for my bases.  I added quotes from old grandmother calendar, torn music page, photo stickers, lace from scrap, fiber, and eyelets.  We are busting our stash and I was glad to use 5 eyelets from my stash of hundreds! LOL

Close up of finished tags.  I love those little photo stickers.  I have a couple of sheets of these that I purchased years ago at a garage sale.  Using stash! 

I thought those calendar quotes went well with these adorable children.

I might use these in future junk journals, or on cards or a scrapbook page.

Now for my ticket to Elizabeth's TSFT party over at Altered Book Lover.  I just have to have a drink related part to my post.  I remembered to take photos when we went out to eat this week.  It is a Home Grown local restaurant with comfort food for sure, just breakfasts and lunches, which is great for us.
We both had sausage, not just any sausage, but Yoder sausage, from a nearby Amish community. It all was delicious!  The food, service and d├ęcor were all great.  Just a little noisy, but we were in a kind of side, so not so noisy where we were.

My husband had the sausage & gravy & biscuits, and I had the sausage 2 eggs over easy with French toast and strawberries.  Of course, a sign of the times, you see my mask on the table.

This photo is for Elizabeth; it was on the wall right beside me.

Loved this artwork on the wall I faced while eating.  Sunflowers again!  I am sunflower crazy all of a sudden.  I guess I always knew  I loved sunflowers.

Actually the name of the restaurant, on the wall by our table.  Looks like grass in the letters.

I did want to share some photos of my walks this week, but it is late, so I will just share the one from this morning of the double rainbow.

Happy T Day to all the T Gang.  Have a great week!

Monday, September 13, 2021

TSFT & Art Journal Journey

Overcome Power of Fear study:  
Ps. 27:1  "The Lord is my light and my salvation;  whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"

Blogger is being obnoxious today!  Finally found a place that gives you choice of "compose view" or "HTML view".  Somehow it had gotten on that later view.  I didn't know that even existed and I have never noticed it before! LOL  
Oh, Good afternoon!  It is time for another TSFT  post.  Today I am also joining Art Journal Journey with a vintage scrapbook page.  I read the rules, and I think a scrapbook page works because it is 12"x12" page.  Elizabeth and I discussed this and I think she said it was okay.  :)

I have begun a heritage album for my sister.  This is the 4th page; the other pages are an actual family tree with names and dates on them. I will try to share other pages with you in the future.   I don't think she knows any of this information or seen any of the photos before, so I hope it is a great surprise and treasure for her.  She won't see it on my blog, I don't think....

The flowers were cut out of an old piece of lace I had.  The frame and corners are just from my 20 year old scrapbooking stash.  The letters were rub ons that I then punched out with a small circle punch.

Words from Tim Holtz

The little tickets are from Tim Holtz.

Tim Holtz people.

I just wanted to keep it simple as the photo  of our great grandparents is the real star.

I did walk this morning, later than normal, but even though it is already 90 now, the breeze was cool.  
I usually walk two mile East and back on the Red Bud trail which has been redone to be a concrete sidewalk, but today, I went west, which is gravel.  It was shadier, and not as busy, so I enjoyed it.  

A nice trail, but I am still in the city, after all, as you can see below.

Through one of the openings I could see a mixture of rural and urban, but for the most part it is quiet on the trail except for the birds singing.  It was a lovely walk.

I am  still am into sunflowers, so below is a photo of the door to my beauty shop.  She had this wonderful decoration, like a bottle cap. :)

This afternoon, I am working on addressing October birthday cards and writing in this week's challenges in my older journal on the right.  On the left is my newer sunflower journal which will start in November.  I am already beginning to write challenges in it, and the birthdays for those months. It occurs to me to include the Art Journal Journey, TIOT and Tuesday tag challenges in my journal.  Maybe I would remember to do them more often!  
 I also cut some frames to send my crafty friends in their birthday cards. 

Oh, and here is my beverage for TSFT in my favorite cup.

Happy T Day to the T Gang!  Thank you to all of you for stopping by.  I appreciate your comments.  Have a great week!

Monday, September 6, 2021

T Stands For Tea

 Hebrew 13:6  "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear"

Hello readers!  Here I am posting again, on a Monday evening.  I am sharing some of my lesson from church last night, and some art and a photo for the T Gang.

Last night at church we had a missionary who talked on the topic of "How To Overcome The Power of  Fear", which is very timely. So many people in our world today are afraid of so many things: bad news, sickness, loneliness, failure, and even death.   People are afraid of so many things either real or even  imagined.   Fear can cause physical and mental illnesses.  Our missionary listed some ways to overcome the power that fear can have over us.  I just wanted to share them with you.

How to overcome the power fear?

II Chron. 20: 3-19

1. See the Lord in prayer and fasting verses 3-4

2. Trust God's sovereignty  verses 5-6

3. Trust God's faithfulness  verses 7-9

4. Hear what God has to say  (See what he says in his word, below) verses 15-17

5. Worship God even when afraid. verses 18-19                           

Their are 365 mentions of "Fear not" in the Bible.  Here are a few:

For the fear of being alone:  Is. 41:10 "Fear thou not; For I am with thee"

For the fear of bad news:  Ps. 112:7-8 "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is fixed trusting in the Lord

Fear of the devil or death:  Heb. 2:14 "Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage."

I plan on doing a search for all the mentions of fear nots.  There would be one for each day of the year.  I hope you will do this search a long with me.  Let me know what you think.

I am carrying on the theme of sunflowers again this week I am afraid.  I have started a September Junk Journal , and guess what?  It is sunflower themed! LOL

So, I am making this journal for myself as a journal to keep track of challenges

Here are a few photos: 

I am making the cover out of an old tablecloth and a file folder.  It will be soft.  I like soft covers rather than hard book covers.

I am using Dear Julie Julie digital "Frosted Sunflowers"

I found these papers at a craft sale cheap and will be using these papers in my journal.

We went out to eat for our 55th anniversary, and of course I forgot to take photos.  I hear you laughing, Elizabeth.  LOL  So, I took this photo of my warm ups of the left overs.  Delicious.  I ordered sausage & shrimp with pasta and pesto sauce at the Red Rock Canyon Grill. It was just as good the second day as when we ordered it in the restaurant!   I didn't even know what pesto sauce was, but I do now, and love it.  Elizabeth can I make it with the basil I froze?  Would that be the same as fresh?  Also, in the photo I have t bag sacks and loose tea.  I was thinking of filling the bags ahead of time because I haven't been doing it as I go as I am usually not that patient when I want a cup of tea.  It is still sitting on my dining room table; as I haven't done it yet.  At least the photo is my ticket to the party over at Albred Book Lover where Elizabeth hostesses TSFT.

Well, that is it for today.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

T Stands For Time For the T Gang

 Romans 1:16  "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation  to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

Good afternoon!  Another hot day in Kansasland!   However, I still managed to get in  a walk early enough to get home by nine, before it was too hot! On my walk this morning I noticed sunflowers beside the trail and  I thought of Nicole  as she told us last week the wind blown down  her sunflowers. So that thought inspired my Blog, today.

 For those that don't know, Kansas is the Sunflower State.  It is our state flower.

 I saw these on my walk and had to photograph them.  Someone must have planted them along our rail to trail.  After I started thinking about it, I wondered if they were black eyed susans. I looked up online and sunfowers have bigger leaves, like in my photo and tend to be taller.  These were over 6 feet tall.  So, I think they are sunflowers.

Here is a photo of  what are definitely sunflowers.  This was from a road trip through Kansas near Tallgrass  Prairie National Preserve in 2016..

Here are some better photos than I could take from the internet of sunflowers in Kansas.

I think sunflowers are beautiful.  One of my favorite flowers.

And since this is supposedly a craft blog, here is a Z Fold Sunflower card, (keeping the theme).  This is one of the cards I made for our Dare To Get Dirty Challenges on SplitcoastStampers earlier in the month.  The papers are Stampin' Up.  I used a pierced rectangle die to cut the one panel.  I added a sticker flower and stamped the sentiment which is River City Rubber Works.  I sure miss that company.  They were right here in Wichita.

And here is a photo of my Sunflower Tea pot, which I had to look for.  I was afraid for a few minutes that I had given it away when we downsized!  This is for my ticket to TSFT where we post something drink related on our post in order to join Bleubeard & Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover for T Stands For Tuesday.  Some of us post on Mondays because it is already Tuesday over seas where some of the T Gang are.

I hope you enjoyed this Sunflower Post.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 23, 2021

T Stands For Hot Again!

 One of my favorite Bible verses KJV Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Hello!  We are boiling hot here, 98 pushing 100 F. We, however went out to eat and to the pharmacy.  But, now back in our nice cool home.  I also walked early this morning, my 4 miles on the Redbud trail.  Got home before nine, so before it was too hot, but still humid, 34% humidity.  We have a great breeze here, so we are grateful for that!

I am sorry I missed our tea party last week, but was busy with the last week of our Dare To Get Dirty Challenges over on Splitcoaststampers.  I did finish 42 cards for 49 challenges.  I guess I am loosing it.  I used to be able to get them all done in a week!  But the good news is I now have 6 more Christmas cards, one Halloween card, 16 birthday cards, of which one is a shaker, 4 are masculine, and one is a  slimline card.  I have one sympathy card, 2 anniversary cards, and 15 cards that can be whatever I want them to be!  Oh, and one art type journal card that I can either make into a card, or put in a junk journal or use in a scrapbook!  I used so many different techniques, too; from smooshing, stenciling, teabag art, napkin art, watercolor, to name a few!  

Here is a photo of all except the journal card:

And the journal card:  I used assorted Memory Mists sprays for the background, assorted stamps, modeling paste, water color, metal pieces, and a scrap, and stamped at sentiment and punched it with an oval punch, and layered on a scrap of lace.  I hadn't used the sprays for years, and the prayers were clogged so only used the ones that weren't clogged.  I will have to get some new sprayers, because I tried to wash to unclog, and that didn't work! LOL  These sprays are still good, and were bought years and years ago at a stamp show.

Now, my ticket for Bleubeard & Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday party! This is one of my Dare To Get Dirty Challenge cards.

Wishing everyone a great week!  Happy T Day to the T Gang!  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you found a little inspiration.

Monday, August 9, 2021

T Stands For The Temperature is Hot!

 One of my favorite Bible verses KJV Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

 Oh, my goodness!  It is hot!  Next three days will be in the 3 digits! That is in  Fahrenheit degrees.

So, I have tried to walk early, but really am not motivated.  Thankfully, our home is cool and we can just stay inside!  So, it is a good thing that I like to paper craft!  I have plenty to do inside!

 I have been busy with Dare to Get Dirty on SplitcoastStampers. I will show you some cards I have made so far for the challenges.  But to find out what the challenges are you have to be a Fan Club member, because these special challenges are for the Fan Club members, their treat for being Fan Club members.

This card was for a challenge by Julee Tilman.  I am doing Christmas cards for as many of the challenges as I can.  I used paper from  a retired   Stampin' Up 6x6 pad. The houses were cut out one sheet of the paper.  I layered on Cherry Cobbler card stock by Stampin' Up.  The Merry Christmas is stamped and die cut using a Fun Stampers Journey stamp set.  Fun Stampers Journey is out of business now, but I loved their items.

This card was made with vellum and alcohol inks, and then embossed.  The die cut was a gift.
I added lacey trim on the edge.

  I love working with stencils. I used a TCW mini Daisy Cluster Stencil, and a mixture of molding paste, radient pearls & metalic acrylic to make the background.  Then added the gifted die cut label and the Happy Birthday  die cut and some sequins.

I enjoy all the challenges because they make you use supplies you have and also to use techniques you have bought those supplies for!  I don't know about you , but sometimes I just get in a rut and use the same stamp sets all the time, same colors all the time, and forget about doing special folds and techniques.  That is what I love about the DTGD Challenges, they get you out of your box!  I invite you to come play Dare To Get Dirty with us!

Last week it was a little cooler so we went out to eat and went to PF Changs for the first time ever.  Great food, service and atmosphere. I forgot to take photos of the food or drink, but remembered once outside to get some photos.

Nice fountain out back.  It would have been nice to walk around the little lake or pond, but hubby can't walk much yet. Still using his cane and just goes where he has to go.

I took  photo of my tea once I got home and of our fortunes.  Apparently the happiest years are ahead of us.  We have had some pretty happy ones already. :).

Hi to the T Gang.  I am linking to  TSFT  party at Altered Book Lover, where Elizabeth hosts all of our blogs. 
Thanks for stopping by!  Thank you for all who take time to comment. Love knowing who has stopped by.

Monday, July 26, 2021

T Stands For Time For T Day!

 One of my favorite Bible verses KJV Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Do any of the rest of the T Gang struggle for a title for T Day post?  It seems to me that T should stand for something that begins with T; right?  But I notice it doesn't always. LOL  The days are getting hotter as we move towards August.  I have to get up early to walk.  I have been trying to get gone by 7:00 AM, but I am not always successful. I got gone by 7:30 today, and back by 9:00.  I usually  walk two miles on my trail and two miles back, for a 4 mile walk.  It usually energizes me, but with the heat, it makes me more tired than usual. I am including a couple of photos of my walk for T Day.  I don't know how I got them off my phone, because I wanted to share more and now can't figure out how I did it! LOL  I am so electronically challenged!  I was looking for the photos just now, and closed this window.  Thankfully Blogger saved the draft!  

I will show you photos from earlier in July of my walk when it is empty.  Love it then, but then it gets busy with bikers, joggers and pet walkers, etc.  Also, now the trees have greened up even more and are over the path, and you are walking in a tree tunnel.  Love it!  Makes it a little cooler with shade from the sun.  

Oh, and I take a break on the way on this bench, and coming back another rest, too.  And my view each way from the bench.  And believe me it is difficult to get photos with no one coming or going on the trail.

Time for a little craftiness.  The card below is a card I made to send to a lady for her 94th birthday for our Teapot Challenge on SplitcoastStampers.  She is a farm girl, so that was our theme.  I made a side step card fold and covered with gingham checked paper, very old from my stash of retired Stampin' Up patterned paper.  Then I stamped and fussy cut the chick from a Stampin' Up set Hey Chick.  The sentiment is from another Stampin' Up set.  I then added stickers to the steps.  I had fun with this card and I hope that our recipient gets some joy from it.

Today is the big reveal over at Altered Book Lover.  To celebrate TSFT's 8th anniversary, some of us sent out ATCs.  I received mine from Erika plus some goodies!  Thank you!

All this was in the envelope with the ATC!  So fun!

I can't wait to use this stamp!

And here is Erika's wonderful collaged ATC! The trim is so cute on the bottom, and how perfect is that sentiment!  I like you a latte, too, Erika!  Thank you!

And thank you, Elizabeth for this wonderful remembrance of the 8th anniversary of TSFT.  Just a perfect ATC for the event, even with the 8 on it! Love all the drinks in the background, cocoa, java, latte, etc.  And it describes TSFT perfectly; friends & drinks!
Be sure to stop over and see our host and hostess Bluebeard & Elizabeth for TSFT over at Altered Book Lover.

I think that is a wrap today.  I don't know if my recipient has received her ATC yet, so I will show how I made it next week.  Waving to all the T Gang.  I hope you all have a great week!  Thank you for stopping by!