Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday? What happened to Wednesday ( WOYWW) & Tuesday (T Stands for Tuesday)?

First of all I apologize to Elizabeth and Julia for being way late!  I was thinking I was just late to Elizabeth', but after writing my post I realized I missed Wednesday, too!  We are in the middle of a downsizing move!  I am moving my 17'x10' craft room into a 12'x13' foot room, however with a regular sized closet also.   What a job it is to pack up a craft room!  It is more than all the other packing!  Well, almost!

So for WOYWW over at Julia's where we share our workspace, here is what mine looks like!

I plan on taking my stuff over like this rather than the movers.

Also, for T Stands for Tuesday over at Bleubeard And Elizabeth's here is my drink.  Forgive me for being late, but with packing I didn't even know it was Tuesday or Wednesday!  I have been drinking a lot of hot tea to keep me going! 

Thank you for stopping by!  I will sip my tea for a break and visit you!  Have a great week!