Tuesday, May 22, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday & WOYWW 9th Anniversary

Phi 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Since moving about 20 miles across town, I have been out of commission for a few months!  I mean, there was the cleaning house, putting it up for sale, selling, packing, moving, unpacking and here we are!  No big deal, only 20 miles, right?  But it is like a whole new town, although only the other side of town! In this town, you are either a Westsider, or an Eastsider.  Well, now we are Eastsiders! :)
We are now discovering all new eateries, new places to shop, new places to get hair cuts, new places to  go to the doctor, etc.  And new craft room! LOL

So, I know different ones wanted to see what my craft room looked like after moving.  So here is my craft room before.
Every thing lined up on two walls.

 Now it is in a bedroom with 4 walls, very cozy! Things really are  more handy!  I added my desk, and because of that  lost one storage unit. But was able to utilize the closet.   Hubby, had everything worked out on graph paper where everything would go.  It was like a puzzle and I am pleased with it.  He is too!  Every once in a while I catch him looking in at it amazed that he got it all in! 

Above is wall one, that you face when coming in the door.  Notice, I have a window and lots of light! Before, I was in a basement, no windows , always had to have lots of lights on!  Hubby wanted me on main floor, so on bad knee days I wouldn't have to go downstairs.
This is wall 2 , which is to the left of the door.

 This is the wall 3  on the wall where  closet door is
Wall 4, to the right of the door.  I was able to place a  unit on end and get more storage space.  More stamp sets and paper on those shelves.  

Everything else went into the closet.  I might add this bedroom had the smallest closet in the whole house!  But works well after taking out the rods!  
I haven't got everything figured out, but  eventually will.  But I am already enjoying my new space!

Above in a couple of photos is my standard cup of tea for T Stands for Tuesday over at Altered Book Lover,  Hello, T Gang!  Sorry I have been missing!

Below I am showing  my desk with my current project for WOYWW over at Julia's,  We are supposed to show our workdesks!  And it is WOYWW 9th Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to WOYWW!  I am sorry I have been too busy to take part in the ATC swap.  So check these two blogs out and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by!