Monday, September 21, 2020

T Stands For My First Junk Journal

Ps. 100:5 " For the Lord is good: his mercy is everlasting: and his truth endureth to all generations." 

I have been missing from the party the last few weeks because I have a one track mind.  I don't know how Elizabeth does all her posts and projects!  Anyway, I have been working on a project.

I have never done a junk journal before.  This month I am taking part in DearJulieJulie Junk Journal Challenge.  It is a stash buster challenge.  That appealed to me because I have a lot of stash to bust!

We were challenged to create a page idea, tag idea and embellishment idea for each of the letters in Stash Buster.

S scraps

T tags

A any paper pack

S strips of paper

H hoarded paper

B book pages

U unused envelopes 

S Stickers

T tools not used for a long time

E embellishments made from scratch

R recycle bin 

Here is what I made the cover from, a hoarded $ tree composition book.  I have several and don't know why.  So I watched Dear Julie's you tube on how to make a junk book cover out of it.

I had some hoarded Tuesday Morning adhesive fabric, and cut it down for the cover.

Here is the finished cover with everything in it.  It really got full with only 11 pages.  Now, some of you I am sure have made these before, but remember it is my first.  I used two signatures for only 11 pages.  I think I would use thinner paper next time, because Julie says 20 works for one signature.  Oh, and if you are like me and didn't know what a signature is, it s a group of papers sewn together.  And I didn't realize when I began but 11 page ideas using two facing pages make 44 pages! Who knew.  I had no idea what I was doing when I began this project.

The lace was hoarded from possibly a long ago garage sale, and the crocheted flower with button in the middle is off on a sweatshirt.  I have more of them.  I am always taking appliques and sewn on items off of shirts.

Inside cover: tag glued in as a pocket, has eyelets, from long unused tool.

Below on the left is the embellishment made from a book page which is also a pocket.

Below on the left is a page made from a book page with boarders and pocket added.

Since stamping is my first love, I created backgrounds with stamping on some of my pages.

As you can tell this is the center of this signature, and is the page for the unused envelope idea.On the left is a pocket, and on page on back the flap is a tuck.  On the right the flap is a tuck, and on page in back it is a pocket.

More stamping and envelopes.  Right side is stamped with tea stamps.

Tag made from hoarded Kaiser Kraft paper on the left.  On the right, flowers made from my mother's 1962 planner. Talk about hoarding!

On the right is the other half of the page made with the book page.

Left page using Any paper collection.  I had that paper for 15 years from $ Tree, and the right is using scraps and hoarded paper.

This page features the embellishment I made with a tool I haven't used in along time!  Eyelet setter!

This is my favorite page.  It features a page idea made from strips.  Those strips are the brand strips I cut off of my 12x12 scrapbook paper!  Also, on the left is a flower embellishment I die cut from glued together strips, and on the right is the tag I made with the strips. 

On the left is a tag made from scraps.  On the right a pocket with stickers, and hoarded teapot  with stickers.

Center of second signature.  
Page on the right with recycled card part.

Recycled journal pages and card part as a pocket on the right.

On left is the rest of the recycled card from page before.  On the right is a quadruple book page tag with pockets and tucks.

You see, I am still using scraps, strips, stash, and recycled items.  The quote is from an old calander.  The strip is another one from a 12x12 page. 

Maybe I should have shown you the pages before I put them in the book.  I could have used two or three posts to show all of this. Each challenge involved a page, a tag and an embellishment, but you could put them in any order you wanted, so it is difficult to see which was for which challenge after you put them together. 
I think there are enough tea references in my journal to qualify for my entry to the tea party over at Bleubeard & Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover for T Stands For Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great crafty week!