Monday, February 17, 2020

T Stands For Typing Is Difficult!

Ps. 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, God, and renew a right spirit within me."

I am feeling so much better I thought I would post, even though  I still have casts on!  Believe me it is difficult to type! The good thing is I am no longer in pain, unless all this blogging and also pie making bring it on!  Yes, feeling so good,I baked  a pecan pie!

Oh, if you don't know, while visiting our daughter at Christmas  we went walking and I fell and broke both my wrists.  The broken wrists broke my fall and saved my head!  They took me to ER, where they took X-rays and wrapped them, and gave me a prescription for  pain pills.  Coming home on the plane with cast on one side past the elbow, and in a sling, and the other in a cast to the elbow made for an uncomfortable trip.   The day after New Years, I had surgery on both.  They implanted plates and screws in both, and put me in heavy white casts. For about three weeks, I couldn't do anything!   Several weeks later they took thoses off and put me in these black splints that I can take off when bathing, but have to wear all other times. Only in the last day or so have I felt well enough to almost be able to totally dress my self!  My dear hubby has had to do everything!  He made the comment that Winter is usually boring, but he has been too busy to notice this year!  Hopefully, I will start PT next week.  Right now, I can't unscrewn lids, and barely turn doorknobs.

What have I done, since I can't do anything and hubby does it all?  Reading books on my iPad!
I re-read Little Women, and all the Anne of Green Gable books.  I shocked my 16 year old granddaughter when I said  I prefer Anne of Green Gables!  I have watched lots of craft you tubes! The first few weeks, last of Dec. through part of January, when on pain pills I watched a lot of Hallmark movies!  I am now pretty sick of & reading!  I am ready to start crafting! okay, fingers are sore now!  So here is my post.

First pecan pie I have ever made!  I don't know what possessed me to do it today!

Of course, I made a mess!  I have this to look forward to cleaning, with casts on!

These are casts they put on me after surgery.

This is what I looked like after they cut the casts off.

And the casts/splints I have been wearing since.

Friends, several from our church brought in meals and flowers.

I felt loved when Kathy of the Ozarks sent this card.  Thank you!

Jan, Crafty Scoripo sent this lovely card!  Thank you Jan.

These are the first arrivals of a Tea Pot Party for me on Splitcoaststampers.  The theme was places to visit, in honor of my scrap albums of all our trips. One of these came all the way from France!   I love them.  I will show rest next time! 

One friend has been sending me cards with nice newsy letters every week.  So sweet of her!

A lot of other handmade cards my crafty friends have sent me!  Aren't they all beautiful?
I am linking up at Bleubeard's  Elizabeths  for our TStands For Tuesday. The link is on my sidebar.  Come join the party!

Well, my fingers are wore out! I DO WANT TO PRAISE God for my wonderful, loving, caring, patient husband!  I could not have got through this without him! I praise God for all our friends who brought meals, and just did kinf tings for us. I praise God for healing!

Thank you for all the get well wishes you all posted on my last post!  You all cheered me!  Happy T Day!