Monday, January 22, 2024

T Stands for Time to Blog Again!

 I thought it was time to start blogging again, as I haven't since August of 2023!  Mia, even reached out to me and ask where I had been!  I just am always so busy it seems.  I have taken a trip to Canada and been to Banff, and other sights in Alberta & British Columbia.  I am sure I will share photos.  Then it was the time of the year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the festivities that go along with that.  Also, we have had family come and visit, for which we are so thankful!  Just wish our family wasn't spread all over the place!  I have been leading a Bible study, and also have been hostessing regular challenges on SplitcoastStampers.   And I am crafting quite a bit.  I will share some travel photos as well some of my photos of the junk journal travel journals I made for my traveling companions.

But first here is my ticket to the tea party.  I have missed you all!  I even see new ones.  I will have to go around and visit and get to know you.  Elizabeth introduced me to Bagatelles when I first started reading her blog, and that is where we had lunch last week.  They always have great specials, but you have to get there early!  So we were there shortly after 11.  It was a great day, to go because they were passing out complimentary pieces of Black Forrest cake to everyone!  Wow, everything was so good.  Thank you, Elizabeth!  They are also so reasonable, $7.99 or $8.99 each I think.

Here is where the tea party is: T Stands For Tuesday

We had the enchilada casserole, with roll and soup.  Hubby had pork and Beans soup, (I had never heard of that, but he said it was delicious.)  I had chicken tortilla soup, scrumptious!

Here are some photos of my trip to Alberta & British Columbia.  Gorgeous country!

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta.

Lake Louise again

Emerald Lake, in British Columbia, Yoho National Park

Me, at foot of  Takakkaw Falls, British Columbia, Yoho National Park. 

I will show you what I made for the group of girls I went with:  I made each a travel notebook size junk journal.  Each journal was in their favorite colors and each one completely different.  I really had fun creating them.

Waving to all the T-Gang and all my other followers.  I hope to begin to blog more often, but we will see.   Thank you all for stopping by.  Happy 2024!


  1. So glad you are back. That food looks soo good, a nice place to eat. I've been to Alberta many times. It is so pretty there and I have always found the people quite nice. Wonderful art you are showing too. Have a nice evening.

  2. It is good to see you back for T Sharon. Time certainly flies, doesn't it? It sounds like life has been good lately though. Isn't Banff pretty? I visited there quite a few years ago, and your photos make me want to head back. And it is great to see your art too. I hope you have a super T day and we don't have to wait months to see you again. Smile. Hugs-Erika

  3. Being too busy with fun stuff sounds great and the photos sure are wonderful - as are the journals, big WOW! Have a great T-Day, and welcome back!

  4. Wonderful to visit you blog. Very colorful and cool post

  5. Welcome back! I lately started blogging again after about 12 months. Those junk journals are lovely. Bet the ladies loved them. Great photos, too!

  6. How lovely to see you again and what a wonderful post, it looks like you've been busy! I loved seeing Alberta and the lake scenes, so amazing - thanks for sharing ☺️. Your journals look beautiful, I love all the papers and designs ❤️. Take care and wishing you a Happy T Tuesday! Hugs, Jo x

  7. Great to see you again, and what a wonderful ime you had. Love the journals you made for the girls. And the photos are fabulous, wow, how lovely. And your meal, drinks and cakes for your T Ticket look delicious! Black forest cake is served a lot here, Hugs, Valerie

  8. I was delighted to talk to you on the phone and I hope to see you in person on Friday. I absolutely adore your Junk Journals. I am so impressed you make each different. Me too when it comes to visual journals. You find the absolute best ephemera. I loved how you paired the postage stamp with the basket of flowers and fruit.

    Loved seeing where you had been this autumn. I knew you had gone, but the photos from Banff and Lake Louise are very impressive.

    Yes, Bagatelles is a great place for lunch. And their desserts are almost as good as their quiches, which are my favorite. Thanks for sharing your journals, photos from your trip, and your meals and water with us for T this Tuesday, dear Sharon. Good to see you here, too.

  9. Welcome back, Sharon! Your pictures of Alberta bring back many memories of that beautiful area. The junk journals you created look very pretty and I like that they're all different. Happy T day!

  10. Welcome back! What lovely photos! Alberta is beautiful. I have visited as I have relatives in Alberta, and near Vancouver. We spent 24 hours on a train through the Rocky Mountains. No, not the Rocky Mountaineer. It was the normal Canadian railway, but they also have observation platforms, so it was lovely.
    Happy T-Day,

  11. I'm so glad you were having fun while you were missing from blogland... What a lovely picture of you at the base of the Falls. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  12. Welcome back! The food is making me hungry. It all looks delicious. Gorgeous landscapes! Happy T Tuesday

  13. Oh you had a long blogging-break. Thanks for visiting my blog. The entry for T-day looks good...but you can´t tast it via net. Nice nature photo captures.
    Have a good time and all the best

  14. Beautiful pictures of Canada and such pretty junk journals!


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