Monday, March 13, 2023

T Stands for Time Change

    23 Search me, O God, and know my heart:

try me, and know my thoughts:
24 And see if there be any wicked way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalms 139:23-24

 I still have not changed the clock in my craft room, and I never think to look at the time on my laptop or iPad!  I am old school.  You look at the clock or watch for the time and you take photos with cameras, real ones. LOL

I have worked several hours hunting photos and scrapping.  Now my room is a complete shamble!  And other rooms as well, because I went through boxes and loaded down beds in two different rooms!  I did not find the third photo and am thinking I either imagined such a photo or have seen it in a video.  Now I am wondering if there is some way, I could get a still photo off a very old video?  At least I did have the video put on a CD.  

I will share the page I scrapped with you today.  It is for the Scrapbook Goals Challenge on SplitcoastStampers as well as for the Calvinball challenge, again.  I am still having fun, but the big thing is getting motivated to get a scrap album project done!  Adding all the different elements got me 36 points on this layout.  They add "rules" every day.  Today the added quote, chipboard, button among other things.  I added all of them.  

It is time for my ticket to the TSFT party over at Altered Book Lover with Bleubeard & Elizabeth as our hosts.  I will have to add something from my archives. :)

This card was made in 2012 for the teapot challenge on SplitcoastStampers.

Happy T Day to the T gang.  I am keeping this short as my laptop already has locked up once already, and I don't want to chance it again.  I had to turn off and restart! LOL
Thank you everyone for stopping by and for your comments to let me know you stopped by. 
Have a great week.  See you next time.


  1. All my internet-capable devices change the time automatically because it comes from the server and ultimately from the internet. It’s the old clocks that I had to change yesterday. So many people are complaining about the time change as if it would kill them. Such crybabies! My memory is that years ago, the only people who complained were farmers because they couldn’t get their cows to be on DST.

    best… mae at

  2. The title of your beautiful scrapbook page is a clever one.
    Isn't it funny how we sometimes remember something clearly and are so sure our memory is right only to find out that maybe not?

  3. I enjoy see your card making and journaling, oh No about your computer My husband had to buy new computer last month-it was really old.
    Happy T Kathy

  4. I have an old school digital clock that won't update for another two weeks, which is when our DST used to change. My phone normally changes, but this time it didn't. I agree I use only a real camera to take photos!!

    I think your scrapbook page is wonderful. You packed a ton of goodies into it. I REALLY want that brown leaf tucked under the journal page on the left. Is it a die or a punch? I really LOVE that design (Hint, hint).

    I love that stamp you used in the card. It is so fun and would be perfect on a birthday card for Sally. Thanks for sharing your scrapbook page and your adorable tea card with us for T this week, dear Sharon.

  5. Your scrapbook layout looks great. Love the layout and the old photos.
    Love that card as well.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. My clocks either self changed or I changed them, except for the clock next to the bed. And this morning it certainly messed up my husband when he needed to get up for work. It looks like you've been having some art fun too. I hope you remember to change your craft room clock. Have a great T day Sharon and week ahead. hugs-Erika

  7. Fun sitting at your table seeing your art

  8. Big WOW on the Chair-ished Memory!
    We change times on 26th. Such nonesense...
    I really did find two video-cassettes in the street (I thought it´s DVDs!!!!)
    To T and happy ladies! :-)

  9. What a fabulous memory page you've done Sharon, and I love that you are having so much fun with the Calvinball. I will have to remember that next year! You know me and starting something part way through...doesn't work for me. But I do love a great sense of community from something, so it sounds so fun! And I know the feeling of digging through things looking for photos. My bins are such a mess from it! {{hugs}}

  10. we don't have a time change until the end of april (i think) but when it does happen it's no problem. All the devices go automatically and I have an electric alarmclock that will need changing, but no problem.
    You are always doing challenges it seems and this one sounded real fun with all their 'rules'.
    Your card is fun (I love the sentiment).
    Happy T-Day,

  11. Mr M. has to change the clocks. I to use a real camera, and actually dislike the cell phone very much. However, I do love your art. Yes, looking for something is a chore and then having to put everything back. LOL Have a great day today.

  12. I love the play on words for the scrapbook page title and all the variety on the page!

  13. Clever page title and your card is cute and funny. I change most of the clocks except the Felix clock in the kitchen because I can't reach. Happy T and Pi Day

  14. Beautiful coffee piece. Have a happy T Day and a great week, hugs, Valerie

  15. Love your pretty layout. I really need to get back to scrapping. I'm like you. One clock that I have to take down and manually change has not gotten done yet. My daughter volunteered to do it when she was here for dinner last Sunday, but I declined saying that I would do it myself, so I guess I better before the next time she comes over.


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