Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day & WOYWW #454

Rejoice in the
Lord alway:
and again I say,
Phil 4:4

Here it is after eight p.m. and I am just now posting!  :)  At any rate, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Here it is really special, because my hubby proposed to me 52 years ago today, Valentine's Day.  Yes, and we have been married almost 52 years!  So, it is definitely special! He already took me out to an excellent Italian restaurant, our favorite kind of food!  He thought of it!  It was one that was here 50 years ago, but had closed years ago, but recently reopened.  Our first time in the new one!  So really special!  And then he thought of taking me to this gourmet candy shop!  Oh, my goodness!  We brought home a pound of two different kinds of chocolate!  Great Valentine's day!

Didn't do any crafting today, but will show you what I did with those beads I showed you last week.  I stuck them to redline tape, and I can use them for borders for either  a scrapbook page or a card.  I also found these adhesive circles and filled them with beads ready to use as an embellishment. Also in the photo is one of the 20 bookmarks I made as tags for my gift teacups I gave my Bible study group for Valentine's Day.  If you want to see all of the cups with the tags they are here: T for Tags.  

I also wanted to show you what I won by winning a Misti Card Challenge: a $50.00 gift certificate which I used to get the Misti craft bag and creative corners.  So cool.  The bag holds the Misti in the middle department and then there are sections on either side for other craft items.  Will be great for crafting away from home.

Couldn't leave without showing you Valentine cards I made and sent.  These first two were made at a workshop and designed by my FSJ demo.  So I am linking you to her Blog, The Stamping Tornado
The first two were  for my hubby & our daughter.  The last was for our son.

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to look at the other deskers over at Stamping Ground.  Julia graciously hostess this world wide blog hop every Wednesday.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Great idea to use seed beads on that tape. I have used liquid glass glue and let it partially set up before putting the beads in it but this would be so much better. Love the cards! I haven't been around much since I had my back surgery last June because of aphasia from brain swelling but decided I was going to get going again cause I don't think anyone will laugh at me if I say or do something funny! Thanks for visiting me earlier. Vickie

  2. Lovely work Sharon. Congrats on your win and on your anniversary, enjoy your chocolate! Hugs, Valerie

  3. great use of the beads! glad you had such a special valentines day. Helen #1

  4. Great ideas and amazing cards! Happy belated Valentie's Day!

  5. Well, Belated Happy Valentines and WOW 52nd Anniversary. What a day! And what a way to celebrate! Now what I want to know is when will that chocolate be finished?
    Love your cards.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  6. Oooh, I love the effects of those seed beads, how glam is that? And what a lovely story about you and your hubby, you lovebirds :-)
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  7. beads are great to use on cards and yours are all lovely. What a super thoughtful husband. Have a great week (It is hard for me to see this week so hope no errors).
    Monica #34

  8. I just love the beaded strips Sharon that is a really cool idea :)
    the Valentines are so very sweet too. Happy Anniversary to you both! ~Stacy #36

  9. Hi Sharon, I have that Misti bag and I love it. It's a really useful little bag for holding lots of stuff. Well done you for winning the challenge. Have a lovely belated WOYWW, Angela x20x

  10. What a lot of loveliness in your post.Your love story - DH and I have been together for 50 years and married for 47 this year. What a super idea re the seed beads- must try that one. Love the Misti bag. Have a Misti but not the bag - yet!!! Love Italian food.Congrats on the win, and the cards are lovely.

  11. Lots of great photos of projects. Congrats on your win. I’m glad to be back and snooping in others areas! Thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #37

  12. What a great idea for the tea cups! And the beads on the redline tape is also very cool! Congrats on your win,should be very useful! My Mom and Step-Dad were also engaged on Valentines Day, but they haven't been married as long as you have - congratulations! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #38

  13. Hi Sharon. It feels like ages since I "met up" with you. Sounds like life is really busy for you. What an unusual idea for all those beads - but well done... great use of them. Now you can have even more fun thinking of places to use the strip... Some lovely valentine cards, too. What a romantic your hubby is - well done that man!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  14. Well, congratulations, what a great anniversary celebration! love it when the mister does the planning. Cute cute valentine cards. Congrats on the big win too, what a great prize, like your choice.


  15. I keep deleting instead of publishing! So sorry!

    Happy Belated WOYWW. So much lovely news on your blog this week. I love how you have used those beads - great idea to use up some of the many rolls of 'red' tape I have. The cards that you have made are truly wonderful. Congratulations on your prize. Married for over 50 years! Me and hubby met later in life, so we are on year 12 right now. Enjoy your chocolate. Ali x #30


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