Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 285 & Enamel Dots

   Good morning WOYWW Deskers!   And good morning to the rest of you, too!  In retirement, my mornings begin later and later!  It has snowed here and has remained on the ground  for 4 days so far, and my Dear Husband and I are already suffering from cabin fever!  What will it be like in the dead of Winter?!  So, I went over and took a photo of my work desk for today's desk hop sponsored by Julia at Stamping Ground.  Check over there for all the details.  I have begun work on my gift calendars, well at least cutting them out.  Thanks to a dear Splitcoast friend, we will have them again this year!  Also, I am still working on the Virtual Srapbook Night Challenges which last the whole month on November on Splitcoast Stamper.  But, now will get this post up, and then go to the Mall to walk to get my 10,000 steps (at least).  These last four days I have made paths in my house from indoor walking! LOL
     This past week-end I went to a wonderful Ladies Bible Conference with Susan Heck as a speaker.  She is a wonderful inspiring speaker and spoke on Bible Memorization and the Titus 2 woman, dicipleship.  I came away with a new attitude to memorizing scripture, by the book.  I am beginning with Titus.  That is a small book. :)  Ask me about it from time to time and hold me accountable!!!!

    I have included some scrapbook pages I finished this last week.  I will come by and see you when I get back from my walking. Did you notice up in the right hand corner, that I am walking the Pacific Crest Trail, virtually?  Thank you for stopping by!  Oh, I almost forgot, several have emailed me and asked  for the Homemade Enamel Dots directions. Here it is: Enamel Dots Tutorial

What are those stickers on my Ott Lite organizer??? LOL

For our Alaskan Cruise Album
Road Trip

Also took part in Virtual Stamp Night card challenges.
The challenge was to use an ice cube on your card!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 284 & VSBN

    Good morning!  Here it is barely still morning as I begin this post.  I love being retired!  It is 11:58 AM and I am still in my jammies and robe!  It is not even up to freezing today and I don't think it will reach that high today.  Monday it was a record breaking 77 degrees here, and Tuesday 37, and now 25!  So, retired is really a nice thing to be today!
     Here is a photo of my messy desk.  I think it is messier than our hostess, Julia's.  I have been scrapping pages for Virtual Scrapbook Night on Splitcoast Stampers this week.  I have done 11 pages for 8 challenges out of 15 challenges.  Though, I am not finished with the challenges, I think I need to take time out to clean off my space before going any further!  There is supposed to be 13 feet of work space, but as you can see there is none.  In fact, I had to get down on the floor with my cuttlebug to cut out some dies for layers on my pages.  Hopefully, by next week, I can have the space cleared off so I can show you some of my pages.  Thanks for stopping by and stay warm!  Check over on Stamping Ground to see more deskers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hello, everyone.  Sorry, I didn't post last week!  It was my birthday week, and I just took the week off to celebrate!  I celebrated with friends on three different days, as well as with my husband for a Birthday dinner at Olive Garden! I received many birthday phone calls from friends and family.  One of my friends came over on my birthday and we stamped and played in my craft room.  I recieved fabulous handmade birthday cards, and lots of crafting goodies, and two vases of flowers!  So you see, I didn't have time to post.  Here is a photo of cards made by my crafty friends!  Another is a photo of me with flowers our son sent, and the last two are of my friend and I in my craft room. My week was blessed with friends and family. I do praise the Lord for his many blessings!  So that's my desk this week!  :)  Check out Julia's Stamping Ground to see what other deskers are doing.  Thanks for stopping by!

My BFF got me lots of goodies, including an envelope maker.  

I had such a blessed  birthday!

My new toy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 281 & Thank You Enablers!

Happy WOYWW everyone! I recently  watched a hilarious You tube of a crafter who blamed all the You tube tutorials for her craft spending. She used to be happy with one kind of adhesive, some paper and photos.  But now, she says she has purchased all different kinds of adhesives: glue, red line, ATV, dots, dementionals, etc!  She now has all kinds of pearls, embellies, etc, and an abundance of paper!        
Well as I watched that I realized that before I started looking at all your desks, I thought I had everything!  LOL  I have been participating in WOYWW since September 2013.  Since I started you have enabled (to just name two) me to want  a Gelli Print Plate, and Zentangle pen and paper,  I even went to classes for both of those mentioned!  So many other things too!  I just want to thank you, really thank you for introducing me to new crafts.  I really enjoy it all!
     Also, what I enjoy is when you make helpful comments!  As you can see, I still have my unique marker holder, (was a spice rack I bought at a garage sale for $2.00 about a year ago.)  I asked you what I should do with it, and several said use it to hold my markers!  I liked that and the look of it too!  But, alas, the markers kept falling out the back and under the cabinets, where it was difficult for me to find them.  After that several suggested putting a back on it.  This is the deal, they would then fall out the front because it isn't deep enough.  Now, I am thinking as I collect my SU! blendabilities, I will leave them in the boxes, and maybe they won't fall out as easily.  Maybe?  For now, anyway. :)
     Then last week, I ask about putting a thank you for your comments into the comment box.  Thank you Krafty Karen, and Rasz for helping me with that.  I think I was successful, even if it is so small and low.  Don't know if anyone will notice it.  I will tweak it sometime.
     All of this to say thank you to all of you deskers for your comments, and for all your enabling!

And now for why we are here!  To show our desks! And if you want to see more desks check out Stamping Ground, where our hostess Julia has everything all layed out for us.  I made that card in a Blendability workshop, and have been practicing on some oother flowers.  Also, some quilling I have been playing with, and a reject card, mabe I will use it for something.  Then some buys at 60% off from Michaels!  Yes, I guess Michaels was the enabler this time! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


       Good afternoon!  I wasn't going to post today, but here I am!   Here is what my desk looks like for all you WOYWW snoopers! :)  Completed scrap pages, cards from a SU! workshop yesterday, and a new toy!  I got this EK tulip edge punch for $3.99 today and was excided to come home and play with it.  I think it will make fun pieces to put on cards as well as great boarders for scrap pages. I am a fan of  EK punches, because if something doesn't work, their customer service is great.  I speak from experience.
      It has been a great day so far! Our Son called us this morning and we had a wonderful chat with him.  It is always nice to hear from our kids who are gone from the nest and live far, far away!   And then we had a wonderful time of Christian fellowship and Bible study this morning, at our ladies weekly Bible Study.   A great way to begin the day!  I hope you are having a blessed day today!

Stop by and see Julia' Stamping Ground and the other deskers if you want to snoop some more desks! Thank you for stopping by!  I am late, but I will come by and see you.  Hugs!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


     Good Morning WOYWW Deskers!  
What gorgeous days we are having here!  Hope it is beautiful where you
    are!  Thank you everyone who commented last week! So I have included a photo of my finished card for my
   friend (as requested). Also in the photo are some other little things I made with  matching papers.  One has a gift card in it and the other has some homemade enamel dots I baked for her..  I got that recipe off of  Coffee, Stamps, & Chaos.  It works! I included a photo of the dots and of a new addition on my desk.  Thank you Julia for the information on the deck chair.  It is so cute, but I went for cheap!  LOL But I think I will send the link for the deck chair for my Mini to my kids, maybe they will get it for me for Christmas. :)  Since Julia thought my area was so neat I included a photo of my other area- where I post  my Blog from my laptop.  No one can say that  is neat!  My husband doesn't think any of my "nests" are neat!  Okay, I do not know why my post is posting so wierd, but I have tried to align everything to the left, but it won't do it.  Please bare with me. 

Here is where you can visit more deskers or link to our desk hop  Julia's Stamping Ground.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will try to come by and see you!  Happy WOYWW!

Tri Shutter Card  for friend with matching gift card holder and goodie holder.

My computer area! ( not so neat)

New easel rest for my mini, and emamel dots that I baked.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 278

Good afternoon!  I have been gone again.  We went to Colorado for a family reunion.  It was so interesting to get together with everyone and get re-acquainted. Even found a cousin in law who shares my interest in stamping!  But, I did miss all of you!  Today's photo of my desk shows a card I am in the process of making for my BFF.  We have known each other for over 50 years, and she is a card maker too, so it has to be special.  I am not done with it yet, just have it laying there, and maybe when looking at it, I will think what else I want to do with it! LOL  My latest Su! order is sitting there as I just picked it up this week.  Some HL purchases are sitting there too.  Also I wanted to point out, the empty rack, because you will wonder where my markers are. Although that was a lovely rack for my markers, they were always falling out the back and under the work area.  I got tired of crawling around on the floor looking for them.  So, I moved them temporaily into those plastic clam SU! boxes.  Now, here we are again with the question what to do with that lovely rack? :)

Also, I thought I would include a photo or two of our trip. We love Colorado! And it was a pretty time of the year to go.  But, it is great  to be back!  I look forward to your comments, and I will be stopping by your desks.  If you do not already take part in the wonderful desk hop, why don't you join us?
Check out the other deskers at Julia's Stamping Ground.

We rode the cog train up and down Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak was completely socked in on top as well as on the way up.

Photo of Pikes Peak before we left our cabin.
Thanks for stopping by,  Have a great Wednesday!