Tuesday, January 28, 2014


  I guess my snow background is really up to date today! I hear a lot of people have snow today, even some that usually don't get snow! We are cold, but I only have my photo today. :)  But I am actually doing some crafting!  This is what my workdesk looked  like after my friend from church came over and we crafted away!  We were doing pre- making of cards for our encouragement card making ministry.  We put together kits or samples for the ladies, so they can design their own or just  put together the cards.  Most of these ladies have never really paper crafted, and it is all new to them. They just want to serve the Lord. We usually have anywhere from 5 to 12  ladies that come in to take part in this ministry.  It is a lot of fun having fellowship with each other as we make these cards.  We make Sympathy, Praying for you, Thinking of your, Get well, and Welcome cards for new members. It has been a very rewarding ministry.

Check out Julia's Stamping Ground to find out more about WOYWW. :)

 Today, we printed off our sentiments and used the Cuttlebug Spellbinder dies to cut them, and then cut the colored cardstock for the next layer.

Well that is what my desk looks like.  What does yours look like?  I guess I will go see! :)
Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments.  So fun to exchange ideas each week! Your comments are so fun.  I like how we answer each others questions as we "talk" back and forth.  Have a great WOYWW!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 242

     Good morning!  It is two o'clock Wednesday morning and I couldn't sleep.  So I got up and took photos of what's on my workdesk.  Some of what was there this time last week is still there.  Also, I dumped my tools on there, that I took to a SU! workshop today.  And then there is my Christmas gift from my wonderful GF, who got me exactly what was on my wish list. It is the large pink ATG, that I haven't figured out how to load yet is sitting there waiting for me  read the instructions! :)  It is fun on Wednesdays to check out each others craft areas.  It you are interested, please check out Julia's Stamping Ground.  She is the one responsible for all this Wednesday fun. :)
       I do have to tell you that last night while I tried to neaten my space (yes, I tried) I found two things I have looked for, for months!  One, was my exacto knife, which I found  on the floor behind a small cabinet next to my workdesk.   I had even purchased a new one. The other thing I found was my Copic colorless marker.  I had looked behind my workdesk  on the floor, and not seeing it, had given up, and thought it got thrown away.  Well, the lower half of my wall behind my workdesk,  is paneling and then there is molding on top of that.  When I was picking up the exacto knife, I happen to see that marker sitting on the molding right behind and under where I keep my markers.  It hadn't fallen clear to the floor. I was so excited to find these two things!  So had to share.

Hope you have a great WOYWW!  Thanks for stopping by my space, and for your encouraging comments. I will try to come by your space too! :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello! I missed  WOYWW last week!  And I  have only made three cards so far this year!   My area is a mess!  So, here is what it looks like.  It hasn't changed since I made this birthday card on Saturday night!  I need some mojo! Will you send me some Mojo? So why am I showing you my messy area?   Julia has has created What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday so we could all be nosy and snoop in each others craft areas!  For information go to Stampin Ground. :)

My area since Saturday night
I made this card using this fabulous KaiserCraft paper "Tea at Elsie's' collection 6" pad.  I have had it in my stash for 8 years or more!  I have been hoarding it! :)  I used QuickCut tea die for the cups, and SU! Lattice die for under the cups.  For the sentiment I used a stamp from Tea Shoppe, and a SU! punch.  I used pearls and flowers from Recollections, and lace that was in my drawer.   All has been in my stash for awhile!  This time I even stamped a row of tea cups on the outside of the envelope.  I didn't photograph it, but the cups stamp in is in the photo of my area.

I did this card for the Featured Stamper Challenge 
and for the Stamp2Spend Challenge both on SCS

Birthday card for friend

Have a great WOYWW! Thank you for stopping by, and for your comments.  I will come see your spaces after Bible study this morning!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WOYW?W 239 & My Calendars

Happy New Year!   

   I am beginning the year right, with a Blog post! Yea!  Thank you everyone for your comments last week.  I apologize for not getting back  to everyone. I will do better this week!  Someone ask if I am stuck with this background photo till my techies come again next year.  Probably! :)  But I will try to figure it out by Spring. 
   I did finish my 15 sets of calendars for gifts, and this what they look like. 

Happy What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!  Check out Julia's Stamping Ground for all the information! 
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.  I really learn from them too!  Like one week, you all let me know what you thought of adhesive.  That really educated me!  And you are responsible for me using the criss cross spice rack for my Copics!  See, I really listen to you! :)