Tuesday, September 18, 2018

T Stands For A Little Bit Of Everything!

This month's memory Verses:  Eph. 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Hello Bloggers!  Welcome back!  Today I am posting for a couple of challenges and for T Stands For Tuesday!  And I have some questions for you, too!  And I will share more of our Maine trip.

First if you are not in the T Gang, please check out Bleubeard & Elizabeth's over at Altered Book Lover, where they host T Stands for Tuesday to see what it is all about!  We link up with her with our drink related posts on Tuesdays!  So fun and  Elizabeth is our  very gracious hostess,  and I think that Bleubeard keeps her in line. 

Also, today, I am taking part with Try It on Tuesday.  Their theme this week was to slap it on.  That is why I am a tad late, because I have been slapping on the paste, inks, and I don't know what all!  This is also for the Art Journal Journey  World of Fantasy Challenge.

I applied some Gesso to my Multi Media Canson paper,  and then put down a stencil and sprayed with Memories Mists.  After it was dry I stamped the Dylussions Birds.  Next I used another stencil and applied Inca gold.  Then I used a brass dragonfly stencil and applied screen ink. I stamped and heat embossed the sentiment.  Oh, I also slapped on some Washi Tape.  I slapped on some distress inks.  After I slapped on ink over the butterfly stencil I slapped the leftover all over the page.  I got rather slap happy!  Also stamped some texture stamps around the birds.  I think this is a lot of slapping and rather a world of fantasy  as one bird is telling the other to be herself!

close up

close up

Here is a photo of items used:

almost everything use, I forgot to put the Nuevo drops in there that were the birds eyes.

This is  where I slapped the extra off the stencils, to kind of clean them! I didn't apply any extra, just what was on the stencil, even the dragonfly was only what was left on the stencil.  I don't know what I will do with this yet.  It is about as big as a tag or ATC.  So, it will be a background for something..

There was another challenge: Eileen and Halle challenged us to show our Washi Tape:

I don't have that much, and rarely use what I have.  There are packages not even opened yet and they have been in that drawer for a long time!

So those are the challenges, now for more Maine photos:  These are on a day where our son took us up into the mountains to see many things we wouldn't have seen otherwise!  We had a wonderful day!

Moosehead Lake

Our son took us to a wonderful restaurant on the lake, where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  My drink is in the photo as well as my tote bag, but not me.  I have to take the photo. Hubby and I had our lemon water, but son had Maine Root Beer. 

It was on my bucket list to walk a little of the Appalachian Trail, emphasis on a little", we even walked on the dangerous last 100 miles trail.

We took a detour off the AT to this little falls.

Me in front of the Falls.
 Lastly, if you made it this far... my questions!

Do you watch videos, and see craft items used and buy them, just to put them away and forget to use them?
Do they get old and dried up before you remember to use them?  
I am talking pastes, paints, and sprays and such.  When I made my journaling page, I found  a lot of my stash was dried up.  Some of it had never even been opened. These cute little jars of lime color, turquoise, and pink modeling paste by ART have never been opened, and they  are dry!  My sprays won't spray!  And some of my  Inca Gold jars of whatever are dried up.  I added water to one and it did absolutely nothing, so threw that one out.  I am so frustrated that I let this happen.
My last question is : Is there anything I can do other than throw them out?

One more thing, I apologize for last week's post having the long empty space before the comments.  I could not correct it no matter what I did. I tried and tried to edit it out, but couldn't.   I had a lot of trouble with last week's post anyway.  I hope this week's post doesn't do that!  I am not electronically smart!  I am blessed to have a blog at all, and blessed by all of you!  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy T Day!


Meggymay said...

It is an awesome journal page and I am so pleased you had fun creating it. The Try it on Tuesdays gang hoped that folk would enjoy getting messy. Thank you for joining the fun. Also thank you for linking to Art Journal Journey, its a fantastic page for the theme as well. Your collection of tapes is lovely, this challenge to show our stash has made me think about using mine in the future.
Your photos of your trip away looked lovely.
I'm not sure I can be much help with the stored goodies , but I did get some metalic paste[it was in a glass jar] going a while ago. I took the lid off and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time on a low setting.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Dianne said...

Hi Sharon! I've been gone from the tea party for a while, but so enjoyed your post today. Lovely page, so colorful and enjoyed your use of Washi tape! the birdie made me smile. To address your questions, I don't buy a lot of different or unusual supplies. I pretty much stick to pens and watercolors, but my friends tell me that's unusual for a mixed media artist! i do have acrylics and lots of paper. oh, and did I mention fabric?! lol. As for your dried up supplies, I would carefully read the labels to see if you can get any hints of what is in them. Then I would just go to your computer and in your search bar type in something like "how to reconstitute dried up Inca Gold" or similar, and hit 'enter,' to see what comes up. Craft acrylic paints should soften with water if they're not completely hard, but might take a lot of stirring and adding water...even letting it sit for a while with water on top and lid closed. Some inks might require the addition of alcohol. Your sprays might just need the spray nozzle taken out and cleaned by spraying clean water through them. Hope this helps....and depending on how much trouble you want to go to for a 'rescue.' wink* Good Luck! Happy T Day!

Linda Kunsman said...

love the lively colors of your journal page! Thanks for sharing the washi tapes- but I can't believe you haven't used or opened some of them:):) I do own a LOT of supplies, but I do use them. Sometimes though if it's a paint or liquid medium I open then don't use often enough it does dry out. Same with markers. Most times I cannot reconstitute them so I just toss. Dianne gave you some excellent tips:) Happy to see your fun Maine vaycay time too! Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

I've recently had to throw out some dried tubs of paint, which made me mad because you would think they could make better containers to keep it a little longer. But then maybe the paint would cost a lot more money to buy. But of course, the colors I really like dried out and the colors that I wasn't so crazy about didn't. Of course. I love seeing your slap it on pieces. You were having a lot of fun. And nice to see more of your Maine photos. Looks like you really had a good trip. And it must have been great to see your son too. Hope it was a happy T day Sharon. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm even later than you, dear. Thats a fabulous slap happy fantasy you created for Art Journal Journey. I'm simply thrilled you shared this with us at Art Journal Journey. You have SO many products you used, and I really enjoyed following along to see what you added next.

I have a tutorial from last month that included the same problem you have with your products going bad. Some can be saved, some cannot. Let me warn you. IF you add water to gesso or paint, be sure it is distilled water, because tap and even filtered water will mold over time in your products. Other than that, Dianne's ideas were quite good.

Your photos from Maine were quite good. I enjoyed seeing you at the Falls, too. That was one serious sign on the trail.

Where are you going for Museum Day? I had planned to go see the Eisenhower Museum, but my foodie friend Sally said it was closed for renovation, so I'm going back to Museum of World Treasures.

Thanks for sharing your Art Journal Journey entry and your water with lemon with us for T this Tuesday.

Sharon Madson said...

Thank you! I will try that! The challenge inspired me to use some washi tape on my page, today! Thank you for the tip.

Sharon Madson said...

Thank you for all the tips!

jinxxxygirl said...

Sharon i like to say i'am not techno savvy... lol Anything too technical on the computer and i call hubby...lol Its all good... we have lots of patience around here. We're just glad your here visiting with us. Great pics of the trail.. I had plans after high school i was going to hike the entire Applacian Trail.. Well you know how the best laid plans go.. i have not set one foot on the trail.. I have set a foot however on the PCT.. Pacific Crest Trail.. Thats another one i'd love to do.
Great journal page! I love all the freedom you showed in creating it! All the questions about your supplies.. I have no real answers.. As i sometimes have the same problem.. I've gotten better over time figuring out the stuff i will acutally use and limit the 'spur of the moment' buys.. it helps.. I wish they would make smaller containers of things.. like the Inca Gold.. I love it but cannot use it up fast enough.. Great post this week!! Hugs! deb

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful art and photos today. And you have some very nice washi tapes. Some paints etc do dry out, and it makes me mad, I usually throw them away as I don't want to waste any more time and energy on them. Great photo of you! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

you don´t have to own oodles of tapes, it is just important how to use them... and you did well on your journaling page. clever use of paste to save up the leftover for a later project! and i see a good way to bundle the tapes with that big metal ring. much better than i do with the yarn, which is not so easy to open to add more tapes.
have a great week:)

froebelsternchen said...

Great idea for the tapes with the rings and an amazing journaling page - great you shared it with Art Journal Journey and Try It On Tuesday dear Sharon! Thank you very much! I love the photos of this amazing trip!
Happy T-Day!

yes I had also some thing drying out - as I forget them to use...but don't mind too much. We are normally all very frugal crafters aren't we?!

Hugs, Susi

Divers and Sundry said...

That restaurant looks like it has a wonderful view, and I'd love to sit there and soak it in :) Even more than that I'd like to join you on that trail! Not 100 miles at the time, but I'd definitely enjoy a short hike. The falls are delightful. Happy T Tuesday

Let's Art Journal said...

What a wonderful page! I'm so pleased that you were inspired to join us at Try it on Tuesday and your page is perfect for our challenge, it looks like you had fun slapping on all the paints and inks too ...lol 😉. I enjoyed seeing all the materials you used for your page and you have some lovely washi tapes in your collection, it seems we have similar metallic glitter ones too 😀. So many great tips from everyone too, my problem is always using markers over glue too soon so they don't work anymore, not sure if anything can be done to get them working again? Such amazing photos of Maine, it's a beautiful place isn't it! Thanks for joining us at Try it on Tuesday and Happy belated T Day wishes! J 😊 x

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Perfect "slap it on" page, Sharon. When I think of "slap it on" I imagine a mess. Your page is lovely and so is the sentiment.

Thank you for joining in our "show your washi tape stash" challenge. I have some of the same rolls. The glittery ones I have were a gift and I haven't figured out how to use them in mixed media except in backgrounds that are mostly covered. Otherwise, they overpower a page.

A friend of ours walked through (in one season) the Appalachian Trail. Amazing. I'm going to send him the link to your picture of the caution. I'm sure it will spark memories. At one point he was hiking alone because his partner gave up and he came upon a grizzly. Obviously he survived unscathed. Lovely picture of you at the Goodell Brook Falls.

Ocasionally I find a product that had dried out - never unsealed, never used. Those are useless because they weren't sealed properly, in my opinion. Some products can be brought back. Acrylic based products with water, if they're not too dried out. Add a bit of water. Seal and let sit overnight. See what happens and if you can mix them up again. Modeling paste, gessos and gel media are easy to reconstitute with a bit of water and a palette knife. For alcohol based products you can try the same thing using alcohol.

For dried out markers, mix 1 T. vinegar in 1 ½ cups warm water. Soak uncapped pen or marker point down 5 to 30 minutes. Sometimes you’ll see ink flowing into the water when the pen is revived. I didn’t. So, I took the pen out of water after 30 minutes and set it aside to rest. After sitting for a while, the pen was as good as new.

Hope this helps ;-)

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Priscilla said...

Your art journal images are pretty, and so is the image of the "leftovers." I'm one of those minimum purchase kind of people. I tend to over-plan. I don't buy craft supplies unless I have a particular project in mind, so things tend not to dry out before I use them up. (But that's just me.)

Nice blog. I was looking for . . . I dunno, kale recipes or something, and I somehow went down a rabbit hole and ended up here!

Linda Outlaw Gilbow said...

Since I have so much trouble with ribbon, I find that using Washi tape instead helps me tremendously!! I have a lot of it, and use It

Cath Wilson said...

What a great page, with some amazing 'slapping on'! You've managed to achieve a great look of texture and the colours are really wow! Love it and I hope you had lots of fun.

Sorry to hear about your dried up products - it's happened to me, too and it's SO frustrating, especially the ones that were pretty costly :-(

Have a great week!

Cath (TIOT) x

Great page, great theme and a delight to see!

Joyce Ann said...

Love your post!

Mrs.B said...

A fabulous colourful journal page with lots of interest and textures and I love the quote you used.
Thanks for sharing with us at Try it on Tuesday.

Caty said...

This is a wonderful page Sharon !! Gorgeous background and colours, love the texture !! love the rest of paint too. So beautiful washi tape!! Thanks so much for sharing those so lovely photographs with us.
I ´ll also try to use vinager and warm water with my dried pen...
I wish you a very nice day, big hugs, Caty