Wednesday, April 9, 2014


   Hello Fellow Bloggers!  What a beautiful day here!  I even changed my background from snow to Spring! Did this without  my tech support!
This morning I prayed  for energy, and God  answered that prayer instantly!  I have been cleaning on top of the upper kitchen cabinets and the top of the china cabinet!  I have to tell you the dust was deep, and I can't remember doing this recently.  I have been retired 5 years, and haven't done it in that time!  So, you can imagine how terrible it was!  I have the window valences in the washer now, I do wash those every year.  It will have to feel cleaner!
    All that cleaning, and I forgot about WOYWW!  And as you can tell, didn't clean my area.  I have been crafting, scrapping, and shopping!  I am so happy with my $3.00 pack of 12x12  paper pack, DCWV Tradewinds paper.  It is gorgeous and I can't wait to use some of it!  Also in the dollar bin, I found a 12x12 sheet with music dies on it.  A blogger commented last week about the calendar in the back.  That is a fun project we did at the last  SU! workshop I attended. I haven't been to any workshops since, and am looking forward to one next week!
     I have included a photo of the finished punch racks.  My husband got them all hung.  So now all my punches are hung, and I cannot buy anymore!!!!  Two drawers were freed up, and I have already filled them up,  one with my Gelli plate, and the other one with my watercolors.
     Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by  I look forward to going by and seeing you!  Here is a link to Julia's Stamping Ground, where you can read all about the Blog hop she hostesses and visit other Bloggers who show their space.  We are a nosy bunch! :)


  1. Hello Sharon. Oh - the snow has gone - the garden looks lovely...but I do love snow....
    Great shots of your space today - all those punches so neatly hung - well done to hubby. I really like that sheet with the music on - are you a musician??
    God certainly answered you this morning - all that cleaning! Wow - thank you Father!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #25

  2. I love paper; looks like you do to. Creative punch organization!

  3. Sharon, your workspace is beautiful and inspiring!

    You almost, almost, almost make me want to go and tidy mine . . .

    #13 this week with
    fairies, a please, and
    a thank you!

  4. What a great work space! I used to have all my SU punches on Bygel rails, too, but then I sold the punches AND the rails before I moved.

    Tip about the tops of your kitchen cabinets that I just learned this weekend: Lay down some newspaper. Then at the end of the month or quarter or how ever often you clean up there, carefully fold over the newspaper, toss it, and put down some clean papers. No more cleaning!!!!

  5. Hi great space and love the punches all hung on the wall. Brigita #101

  6. Your craft room is so happy love the color your work space looks am I glad I do not need to show mine lol

    ugh yes my kitchen needs attention too ... thanks for the reminder

  7. Cleaning never ends does it? Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know that I won. :-)
    April #20

  8. Hi there...!
    Thanks for sharing! Now I have to make my hubby make me some punch hangers! Nice room!
    Now if messy desks are fun (which they really are) , then I am having a super duper FUN time. LOL
    happy WOYWW
    kimmer #103 (last again for the 4th time , I really don't plan this) LOL

  9. Firstly, well done for changing your background photo by yourself! Seriously, I'm impressed....I manage just about with all this techy stuff but am not one of life's natural computer folk!
    Secondly, I LOVE all those items neatly lined up on the walls, that really makes me happy seeing all the order!
    Thirdly, those papers look fab...perhaps you could give a quick glimpse next week!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  10. G’day Sharon
    I haven’t participated in WOYWW for maybe 9 months and I am trying to get to as many as I can...oh darn you have such a gorgeous art space to create awesome. Love love the punch holders...can you lend me yr hubby to put some up for me in Oz (Australia)LOL. Such gorgeous papers for you to play with!
    Annette In Oz #23

  11. If you want to start a bible verse journal why not start with the psalm prompts like mine? You only have to do the ones you want to and can add other verses as the mood takes you. or how about having a look at Bernice's Attitude of Gratitude challenge I did the daily challenge backk in November 2012 but it looks like all the prompts will be available indefinitely. Thanks for the visit BJ#78

  12. Your craft room looks wonderful - what a fab load of kit! I know, you're just trying to show me up with all that housework malarkey!! I'm typing this, with a huge ironing pile festering in the corner! Have a great week, Chris # 35

  13. What a lovely space. Great punch hanging
    Famfa x

  14. I figured you must have gotten 6x6 stacks at that price not 12x12. I need to get to JoAnn's!!!!

  15. I think you have a great work space Sharon! I really like your punch storage & that paper does look pretty.....can't wait to see what you do with it :-)

  16. What a lovely workspace and organisation! Karen #71

  17. I SO love peeking at your desk :-) and your new storage system for your punches looks great!!! I am also cleaning :-( I also have things that I cannot remember when I dusted them last. LOL And I am a neat freak...dusting high up places not so much my thing though. LOL Have a wonderful day! Love your new blog background.

  18. Lovely neat looking craft-room now all is hung up ! Great new stash too ! Thanks for your visit ! Ali #41

  19. wow . you weren't kidding about the oodles &oodles of punches. great job. they look terrific.

  20. I am speechless! What an amazing work space! You are sooooo organized! Want to come over and help me?? LOL!

  21. The punch racks are looking good! Can you really reach that high?! I have cinderblock walls so no towel rack/punch hangers for me. I did buy one and put it on the side of the bookshelf but I quit using it. It was over the cat litter boxes which kick up an enormous amount of dust. I didn't think that was good for the punches. Your room is looking good. You got some great bargains there to play with. Take a break from all the cleaning to play.... or feel free to come to my house and do all the spring cleaning!!! Thanks for the visit earlier.

  22. The punch storage turned out great , I can't wait to see what you do to the pretty papers on your desk.

  23. What a great craft room. DCWV papers look great and I would love to see what you do with them.
    The company make some lovely pads and the paper is always good quality.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 64

  24. Your space looks AWESOME! Go hubster! Sorry I didn't get her last Wed. not sure why. LOL But then you know me so you probably have a clue. Hugs Kelly #82


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