Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 254

Good afternoon, Fellow Bloggers!  :)
         I am late posting because I haven't been crafting today.  So, here is a photo of cards I did yesterday at a SU! workshop, and a new stamp I purchased.  On the right are my first attempts at using Gesso.  I used too much as you can see, and it made the card heavy.  So, I will take it apart and use pieces of it on some cards. :)  I want to take a survey here.  How many of you try things, and then don't use the results as intended?  
         Just thought I would tell you I took my snow photo off too early!  It snowed again Monday morning!  Can you believe it?  Here it is April and the possibility of snow is in the forecast again!

That is it!  Thanks so much for stopping by and for  your comments on my punch storage last week!
You can stop by Julia's Stamping Ground for all the details about WOYWW. 

Have a blessed Easter! 


  1. Oh my, we haven't seen snow in London this year (for which I am very thankful) and today was brilliant sunshine - I had to come in because I thought I might be getting burnt!! Not trying to make you jealous of course.... I love your cards, SU things always seem so fresh and crisp - and your marker storage is really neat! I'm not sure how I work really, I'm a bit of a muddlethrougher not a planner craft wise. But I rarely throw things away even if they don't turn out as expected and I often find a use for them later. Happy WOYWW and Happy Easter Cindy #59

  2. The cards are lovely, Sharon. We've had brill weather here all week - pics of us taking Mum round the park in the sunshine, on my blog today. Easter blessings, Chris # 31

  3. Those cards are so pretty and I wouldn't have known they were from yesterday - you shouldn't have said. We'd have been none the wiser, lol!!
    And snow? The weather's been amazing with us..but I haven't put my seedlings out yet, there's every chance that frosts will come back!
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  4. Those are some pretty cards Sharon! I make things & don't use them all the time...something that I'm working on this year--it started to feel like a waste to go through all that trouble & have it just sit there looking pretty!!!

    It snowed here too & it's still a bit cold :-)

  5. Hi Sharon, lovely Easter cards on your desk which is really neat....Happy Easter and have a great week. Cheers RobynO#43

  6. yes Sharon..
    I can put my hand up as trying things and not using the result.. but more often than not I do.. and do also what you are doing re-adapt them to do do something else too!!

    .. your gesso bits would be great as tiles on a card.. ie a square mounted focal point, as they're lovely :D

    God's blessing on you and those you love this Eastertime, Shaz in Oz.x #60

  7. What beautiful cards, Sharon. A lovely gift to receive this Easter. Yes, I try things out, and if I don't get it quickly, tend to ignore it for ages - then maybe go back and use what I have made - in one form or another!!
    Have a lovely Easter as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.
    Margaret #18

  8. sadly the amount of things i do are just experimenting and never get used, but persevere with the gesso coz i love it!!

  9. Yes, I have made things then not used them. But, for every wrong idea springs a right one!

  10. Love the cross card, looks like you used the lattice die to cut it from, brilliant. Thanks for visiting me and Happy Easter BJ#44

  11. been considering playing with gesso. however i think i'll kick back and wait for helpful hints from you for when i do try .lovely cards. i canabalize other cards to make new ones all the time. hopefully they are an improvement when I do

  12. Fun things on your desk!! I love sneaking a peak :-)

  13. First of all, your desk is too neat! ;) LOL! I'm so behind the times - I have tried the gesso or the gealtos. Your cards are so pretty.


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