Monday, May 20, 2019

T Stands For Pounded Flowers Technique

"He has risen!"  Matt. 28:6

Today, I will share with you a technique I learned a long time ago.  Until last year we lived in our own home, but now we rent.  Anyway, we always had flowers to pull at the end of the year, and I would use this technique to make backgrounds for cards.  Just recently we purchased some plants, but the wind really blew right after we put them in pots out front.  So, I had two red begonia flowers.  Instead of just tossing them, I decided to do this technique.  I thought I would end up with pretty red paper!   See for yourself.

Here is what I began with.

I pulled the petals apart and lay them on cardstock on a paper towel on the Cuttlebug.

And so I wouldn't be wasting anything, since it would be juicy anyway, I put another piece of watercolor paper on top.  My panels were about 4 x 5 1/4.

I of course put the last plate on top of everything before running through.  This next picture shows what it looked like after rolling it through the machine.  You can see how juicy and red it is, right?

I mean there is juice everywhere after I took off the top plate  But look the paper; it looks purple!

 This photo  was taken before I brushed the petals off the paper.

After removing the petals:  purple!

See all the juice on the paper towels!  Red!

I ran more panels through.

I didn't want to waste all that red juice on the paper towels, so I blotted my panels, hoping to get some of that red on the purple panels!  Maybe, if I had left the panels on longer before removing the watercolor paper?

I have the panels weighted down with books right now to flatten them out.  I will be making cards with them, and when I do I will show you on another blog post.

But here are some cards that I made years ago with pounded gomphrena. The middle panel was cut from the watercolor paper with the gomphrena which is a purple flower, and it came out purple.

On this card,  I used a whole panel of it!

Oh, and for the tea party over at Altered Book Lover TSFT:  We stopped in for lunch at Olive Garden recently.  I forgot till we were done to take a photo and our food and lemon water are already gone.

Thanks for stopping by.  I have to cut this off now as we are having storms!  I have this scheduled for later today.  So hopefully it will post even though we might not have power!
Happy T Day!


Elizabeth said...

I remember trying this technique - must have been a few years ago - and I'd quite forgotten how much fun it is too. You got great results with the begonias though nowhere near as red as you'd expect. The cards are lovely too. xx

kathyinozarks said...

thanks for letting me know-we are in the path of that same storm that Elizabeth is getting-so will be turning my computer off soon t storms and tornadoes all over the place again

My name is Erika. said...

That is an amazing technique. Wow! I love your petal designed paper. I am going to try that as soon as I get some flowers. I think even the paper towels, once dry, could make some great paper. And who doesn't like the olive garden salad? Yum. Thanks so much for letting me know about the delay in T day posts Sharon. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful T day Sharon. Hugs-Erika

Aracelli Merla said...

Oh, Sharon, how surprising to wind up with purple backgrounds instead of red. I am as puzzled as you are. Either way, your backgrounds look great, and I am partial to purples. Love your panels and I can't wait to see what you create with them. This looks like a great technique. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry about the storms and thanks for letting me know about E. Your flower-power paper is great, but the colour change is puzzling. The cards you made look wonderful. As does the food. I often forget to take photos until the food and drink is almost gone! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

That is a super technique to try. I did think you would get more red dye but the result colour on your papers looked super and I look forward to see how you use these papers. i would be using those paper towels as well.
The cards you shared looked beautiful.
Happy T day wishes Sharon.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what an amazing technique! I've never seen this before and the papers that you created are so beautiful, thanks for sharing 😀. Thanks so much for letting me know about Elizabeth too, I was a bit worried when there was no post last night so I appreciate you stopping by to let me know what was going on. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! Jo x

Anne (cornucopia) said...

This pounded flower technique is great. I recently saw a post by Elizabeth, doing this too. I didn't know about it before then. I'm surprised the color came out purple, instead of red. Very interesting. I can't wait to see what you make with these. And thank you for letting me know about Elizabeth's power being out. I was wondering this morning why her post wasn't up, which usually goes up at 5pm (my time) on Monday. Happy T-Day!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a fun technique! I actually used gel medium to glue a gorgeous red popppy on a journal page-and after a few days the red completely disappeared! Not a trace anywhere! Your cards are lovely. And Olive garden is always a good choice:) Happy T day!

johanna said...

i wouldn´t have thought of running petals through the cuttlebug!! clever idea! i will look forward how you make cards with that! happy t-day:)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Stopped by to let you know the T Tuesday post is now live. As soon as I notify everyone and make a pot of much needed coffee, I will be back by to share a drink with you. Hope to see you at TSFT, but I guess you read it already.

Kate Yetter said...

What a great idea to make panels with the petals. I love the purple with the bits of red stuck to it. And all that lovely red juice on those paper towels. I really like how that middle panel came out on your card. I would have never thought to try this. Thank you for the idea.
Happy Tea Day,

Divers and Sundry said...

I've never heard of this. I like the purple, though I do imagine it wasn't what you expected. We have an Olive Garden here, but we never end up there somehow... So many restaurants, I guess we're spoiled for choice :) Happy T Tuesday!

Eileen Bergen said...

I once tried eco-dying Easter eggs using plants from our yard and vegetable scraps. The results were very surprising, as you noted. Some of the brightest plants yielded very dull and very different colors. The prettiest ones I got were dyed with red onion skin.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a shame about your flowers but what a bonus to be able to make these pretty papers! I love your cards! You made me smile at how often the photo opportunity escapes me!!! Happy T day! Chrisx

froebelsternchen said...

Fantastic technique Sharon - gorgeous! Thank you for letting us know about E.'s power problems ! ♥
Happy T-Day! Susi xxx

kathyinozarks said...

What kind of machine are using to roll it all threw? sounds like a fun project-love your results-kinda like or is eco printing-hugs
Happy T wishes Kathy

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you again for letting people know about my predicament. I have learned to NOT leave my T post until the last day ever again. Sally took me to an Olive Garden for my b'day one year, and I had soup, soup, soup. LOVE their soup. I don't care for their salad. Too much lettuce and not enough of everything else. Water with lemon is always the perfect choice, too.

I thought about running some of my irises through a die cutter, but preferred the pounding instead. See this month's 2nd Thursday Tutorial for how I made irises look on fabric. I've noticed several flowers turn a different color when pressed OR are pounded. My pink Rose of Sharon turned yellow when pressed, and avocado turns pink when subjected to heat to make fabric. What surprised ME was the paper towel turned a bright pink. This was a great technique and I will be trying something similar soon. Thanks for sharing.

again, I can't thank you enough for last night. SO glad you took my call and did all that for me. Thanks, too for sharing your water with lemon at Olive Garden.

Halle said...

That is crazy...who'd have thought purple from the red?!? Using the cuttlebug is brilliant.
Happy T day!

J said...

Sharon that's a great idea and makes wonderful pieces for BGs, How strange that they came out purple.
I have some dried flowers from our garden in England and a couple from my Wedding bouquet, not sure they will still have any colour on them after all this time!
Have a great week
Jan x

Caty said...

Your cards are really Gorgeous Sharon !! I love the so beautiful colours of the papers you get with this technique, they are wonderful. And your meal may have been delicious!
I wish you a very nice Sunday,
Big hugs, Caty