Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 377

Hebrews 11:1  "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Good Morning Deskers!  Oh, my goodness, it is Wednesday, again!  It is time to show our desks.  We all sign up over at Stamping Ground and Ms. Julia is our wonderful hostess! It just makes me smile this morning that I am going to get to visit you and you are going to visit me.  For those who are wondering what I am talking about, just check out the link above and you will have so much fun looking at what everyone is doing on their desks this morning.
I have been going through a photo box of the 1980s.  I am trying to get these photos scrapped.  Two pages done so far, as you see below.  It is an overwhelming project!  The photos are in envelopes with the year or event written on them.  They are in these envelopes in a box, because someone told me about 20 years ago, to take them out of those sticky albums, because they would be ruined.  So I did. Sometimes, I wished I had left them in there! Also, this is just one box; I have boxes for the 70s and 90s, too!   Oh, well! Here is my desk this morning.  I have to add that it has been a fun time going down memory lane!  Even my husband has enjoyed looking at these again!

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope to stop by your space today, too! Have a great week!


  1. I can imagine it's a fun process to scrap all your old photos, though quite overwhelming as well. I wonder what would have happened if you had left those photos in the original album. Loving the layout - I like it when there are numerous photos taken at the same time! Have a happy week! zsuzsa #21

  2. Hello Sharon. Loving your layout and yes I have the same problem as I have boxes of photos to scrap from decades ago. But will come in all do time.... Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving me a wonderful comment. Have yourself a splendid crafty week. Hugs ~Anne L#7

  3. ooh the magnetic albums? yep, so what I did was bought these pocket type page albums from Pioneer and moved the photos to those albums. so, they can be seen and I don't very often scrap things much anymore, mostly I think because the digital prints just do not look or feel the same to me as film prints do. I always smile though when I see you doing it. I bet that thrills your family to see the finished pages Sharon.

  4. Your pages are jumping to life with the wave action. It may take you years to sort thru, but think of the memories and fun you'll have!
    Chris #26

  5. Beautiful seaside pages. I've not taken my photos out ofmy numerous sticky albums, although my wedding ones are definitely yellowing now!!! I had a couple of years to backtrack when I started scrapping as I hadn't printed anything since the digital camera from a few years before, but I plodded along doing any current ones plus a few old ones until I'd caught up.

    Bits and bobs are like odds and ends - a random assortment of small things left over. Thanks for visiting me BJ#24

  6. Great layouts! Love the colors and yes, getting them out of the albums was important. Just take one batch at a time and enjoy the walk down memory lane. Hugs!

  7. Hi Sharon, Loving the LOs. Good luck with getting the rst done.

    Sorry I didn't get on before, but I spent the day in hospital on Wednesday and have been taking it easy since.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #10

  8. Glad you liked the idea of my Misti bag - Iliana liked it too.
    Like the LO - keep it up, it looks great and will provide great memories.
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

  9. Beautiful layout! What a job sorting photos! Nice you have them dated though.

  10. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. How wonderful to spend time going through those photos - and great that they are dated etc. I do not have a huge amount of actual photos - most of mine are on the computer. I am always saying that I am going to do some layouts - in fact this week I will start. Thank you for the inspiration! Ali x #12

  11. I, like you, have boxes of envelopes too with photos in them plus all the digital photos on my computer. I hope that I live long enough to get the majority of them in scrapbooks. Great layouts with your beautiful papers and embellishments.

  12. Hi Sharon! I have enjoyed "visiting" your 1980's memories as you have uploaded them. I do believe that even with all the trouble of doing so, it was a wise decision to get them out of those sticky albums. I did that too a long time ago.
    I, too, am hoping to resurrect my blogging schedule, oh so neglected.
    Hugs, JoyceAnn


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