Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Anniversary WOYWW! 364

I will post to say Happy Anniversary, but I didn't get any ATCs made.  I was gone last week, but foud out I could post my Blog from an iPad mini!  This week I am home again, but haven't done much yet. I will show you my desk this morning, since that is what we do for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?  You can check the rest of the bloggers desks here.  I have been stamping insides of previously made cards so I can get them into the mail this morning!  When will I learn to do the insides right when I make the card? One thing  I have been doing is stamping insides and  envelopes as I go on my Christmas cards.  I hope by December to have everything done on my Christmas cards, but the mailing.

We had an owl for 10 hours in our backyard recently.  Our other birds were going crazy, wanting him gone, but we enjoyed our visitor.  He was a Barred Owl. My husband looked it up.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting to let me know you were here.  See you at your place.
Have a great week!  P.S.  I can't figure out how to get the Anniversary Badge on here.  I had the same problem last time, but someone nice told me how to do it.  Hint.  :)


  1. oh my gosh the owl is fabulous Sharon :) We have been seeing doves and quail hit the ground under the feeders lately in our yard. ~Stacy #59

  2. What a beautiful owl. I can imagine the other creatures were a bit nervous though.
    I am no techie but I can tell you how I put the badge on. I went to Neet's blog post and right clicked and saved the image onto my computer. Then I went into my Blogger Dashboard. Went into 'layout' and then clicked on 'add a gadget' in the right hand column. Scroll down to 'Image' (about the seventh down on mine). You get your saved badge by clicking on 'from computer' and finding where you had saved it. In the other boxes boxes you can write what you like. I have put LLJs blog post address in the link box and have called it WOYWW 7. But thats up to you. Click on save and then on preview to see where it has ended up. You can then change that in Blogger dashboard by dragging it to a place you want it.
    Does that help?
    If you don't have Blogger Dashboard then you have to ask someone else.

    I am determined to visit everyone. I have dedicated today to WOYWW. (a freezer meal for hubby I'm afraid!)

    Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary

  3. The owl is gorgeous. My you are so organised re your Christmas cards.
    Happy WOYWW 7th Anniversary Anne x #25

  4. What a lovely owl to look at :)
    I use photoshop to label my pictures but I do know that there are free ones out there to use too not sure which at the moment just look up photo editing software of graphic programs that are free I'm sure you'll find one you like :)
    hugs Nikki 1

  5. Oh now, don't be starting that stamp the insides the same time as you make the card thing. You'll make the rest of us look bad. Ah well. I tell myself that same thing all the time and I still haven't learned it. That is a great looking owl you have there visiting. PJ #63

  6. Gorgeous Owl and a brilliant photo. Wishing you a happy and crafty 7th woyww anniversary, Angela x 30

  7. What a lovely photo of the owl. How lucky you are that it decided to land in your garden!

    I'm terrible at remembering the insides of the cards. It's only when I go to write in them that I realise they are blank! I'm just sadly not that organised.

    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Sharon K #43

  8. Oh MY! that is one of the most beautiful photos of an Owl I have seen to date.. wonderful. Your comment about stamping the inside of your cards (or NOT stamping the inside of your cards, grin) so resonated with me as every year the day before I HAVE to mail out my Christmsas cards, I am frantically trying to find the perfect stamp for the insides and find an envelope that sort of fits! Grin Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary, Scrapbook Lynne Mizera WOYWW #58


  9. pearshapedcrafting has left a new comment on your post "Happy Anniversary WOYWW! 364":
    Your desk looks great but oh that owl! I think I would have watched it every single minute! Chrisx 55 (I pushed delete button instead of publish button!)

  10. Lucky you! That owl is is your the stamp and pen organiser! . Happy WOYWW! Sorry for the late arrival. Elaine no. 33

  11. Happy 7th WOYWW!! Thank you so much for joining in the desky madness today :-). I love your neat desk and all that gorgeous storage, that makes me happy! And you've got a deck hair just like Julia's!! I don't think she ever uses it to put her iPad on, there's always card samples etc.
    How amazing to see that barred owl, it really did have barres or strips on it, what a beautiful creature, thank you for sharing!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  12. I am determined to get round all the desks in celebration of the fun we have with all our mad WOYWW friends so here I am! Such a neat desk but that owl is what caught my eye - he is stunning! Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo #19

  13. Your desk is so organized!
    Happy anniversary!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2


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