Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WOYWW 350 & 1970's Scrapbooking!

Good afternoon!  I have decided to come to the  Blog party! This is what my desk looks like today!  I have been re-scrapping the 70's!  That's right.  About 20 years ago, they told us those sticky albums were bad for our photos.  So, I took all my photos out of the albums and put them in envelopes to re-scrap.  As you can see,20 years later, and I still haven't scrapped them! I am trying to rectify the problem, though.  I began scrapping correctly in the 90's.  I have had a difficult time just keeping up the albums going forward from the 90's to now, let alone getting the 70's and 80's done! LOL

Thanks for stopping by for a peek.  Hope to come by and see what you are doing.

Don't forget to stop by Stamping Ground to see what WOYWW is all about!

Have a great Week!


  1. Good for you! I took my photos out too. So many photos spoiled yellow by those horrible sticky pages lol.

    Sharon K #42

  2. Then you have alot to do! ;)
    I´m almost the same situation and started making my albums about two years ago... It´s a lifetime project! GOSH!

    But fun!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Sussie nr 50

  3. I did th same thing with DD1's baby pictures. I don't know if I ever finished getting them all scrapped! lol

  4. Did you stand on your chair to take this birds eye view shot? :)
    ( I love the angle Sharon) :) looks like a cool page under construction Thanks for the earlier visit, Stacy # 59

  5. Great job! My pictures are still in envelopes! And I'm still working on our Disney Trip from 2011 - so it seems you are making more progress then me! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi your photos look like so many of mine from same era. I have hundreds! Anne x #17

  7. Scrapping to the 70's... sounds like one of those K-Tel albums you ordered off TV. I still have one of those sticky photograph albums. It has a weird amount of other people's pictures in it (like when friends send you photos of their babies or dogs). I recently thought about pulling them all out and tossing them but now the darn album is in a box in a pile of boxes all waiting to be piled onto a truck and hauled to the new house.... so it may be awhile. Oh, and I meant tossing the photos of people and pets I don't even know not the few photos that are mine. Don't be looking for any scrapbooks from me though. Thanks for the desk visit earlier. The geiger counter hasn't yet made it into a box so it's just hanging out. PJ #55

  8. Well done Sharon, the pages are looking good. Is that your son that commented above?
    Jan. No 44

  9. I think that is a common problem, keeping up with all those pictures, I try but fail. Vicky#7

  10. I have tons of photos to scrap as well. Someday. Good to see your son pop in. And it's almost Wednesday again! LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #54


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