Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 278

Good afternoon!  I have been gone again.  We went to Colorado for a family reunion.  It was so interesting to get together with everyone and get re-acquainted. Even found a cousin in law who shares my interest in stamping!  But, I did miss all of you!  Today's photo of my desk shows a card I am in the process of making for my BFF.  We have known each other for over 50 years, and she is a card maker too, so it has to be special.  I am not done with it yet, just have it laying there, and maybe when looking at it, I will think what else I want to do with it! LOL  My latest Su! order is sitting there as I just picked it up this week.  Some HL purchases are sitting there too.  Also I wanted to point out, the empty rack, because you will wonder where my markers are. Although that was a lovely rack for my markers, they were always falling out the back and under the work area.  I got tired of crawling around on the floor looking for them.  So, I moved them temporaily into those plastic clam SU! boxes.  Now, here we are again with the question what to do with that lovely rack? :)

Also, I thought I would include a photo or two of our trip. We love Colorado! And it was a pretty time of the year to go.  But, it is great  to be back!  I look forward to your comments, and I will be stopping by your desks.  If you do not already take part in the wonderful desk hop, why don't you join us?
Check out the other deskers at Julia's Stamping Ground.

We rode the cog train up and down Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak was completely socked in on top as well as on the way up.

Photo of Pikes Peak before we left our cabin.
Thanks for stopping by,  Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Thanks for letting me take a peak at your desk! You've got some spectacular scenery in the US! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #79

  2. The first thing I noticed when I saw your desk were the missing markers out of your cool rack. I don't know if the markers would be too long, but could you add a backing to the rack to keep the markers from falling out from behind? I love that step ladder card design, but have never tried it. Do you know of a good tutorial to make one? The photographs you took of Colorado are marvelous, by the way. Blessings!

  3. I know you want a card for a BFF and card maker to be special and it looks like you are on the right track!
    Thanks for visiting and your kind words!
    Robyn 4

  4. Okay. I'm officially homesick. LOL Thank you for showing me pictures of 'home'. I'm with Arnoldo about putting something on the back of your marker rack. You could also put bottles of paint. They'd be large enough not to fall down behind the table. Or Prima flower bottles.

    You asked about my Paint Pen. They are paint in pen form. I use the gold metalic a lot to create borders. But you can get 'flat' colors for art journals. They run about $2 a piece. Creative Blessings Kelly #60

  5. I'm not familiar with 'socked in' as a phrase, but am very familiar with the mists and fog that screw up a view! My word, doesn't Colorado wear her autumn cloak beautifully.
    Unlike Kelly and Arno, I don't have any super powers about noticing anyhthing beyond how tidy your desk is! Wowser!
    I wanted to mention the deckchair at my place - it's had a lot of interest over the past couple years. It's called a Bookchair and I bought it from a chain of book shop here. I just googled them and they are still available...I found this store that has a NY mail order address....

  6. I so badly want to come and visit the USA one day and go shopping at HL and other bargain places. But truly those views are wonderful and the trees so pretty, it must be wonderful in real life. It is always nice to catch up with family but I like my home mainly because I am always away from it. good luck with the card what ever you create will be brilliant because it was made by you.

    Have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting already

    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #2

  7. Hi Sharon! I think this is my first visit to your desk, so I didn't miss the markers. I'm trying to get used to the jargon.... what is an SU order? Is SU a particular store? And an HL purchase? It doesn't matter where our goodies come from, it's always exciting when some new stash arrives!
    Those photos of Colorado are stunning! What a beautiful country! USA at its best.
    Your friend's card looks really good (and a bit complicated too). Please show us the finished article before you send it to her.
    Have a good week.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.

  8. Great picture of your desk, Sharon - a lovely card coming on there. I straight way thought the same as Arnoldo regarding that gorgeously shaped pen holder. Maybe a piece of thick card or hardboard glued and pinned to the back? That would stop the pens falling backwards. Of course, they may be too long, so that the centre of gravity would then have them all falling out the front...
    Lovely autumn colours in the Colorado photos.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17

  9. Lovely photos. The card for your friend looks great. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I’m late commenting. Hope that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #81 x

  10. i was thinking a piece of foam board on the back of your lovely rack would stop the markers from falling thru. they have it @ DG for less than a dollar

  11. Your pictures are gorgeous. I hope you find a use for your marker holder soon. :-) I find that if I hold on to something long enough I find a use for it. April #84

  12. What a trip! But there's no place like home, eh?? That's one pretty card you have there. Hugs, Chris # 16

  13. Thank you for sharing your desk! Have a great week Ginny M #63

  14. Gorgeous photos from Colorado. I've loved visiting there a couple of times. I'm sure that card is going to turn into a work of art. Looks fabulous so far. Hope you'll find something to hold your markers that will work. I have a fabric tote that I bought years ago that has dividers in it and I keep most all of mine in there and it sits on the floor right by my chair.

  15. Beautiful photos of your trip. Love peeking at your creative space :-) Be sure to post your card when you are done. Can't wait to see it.


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